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A place for me to work and play.
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  2. Today's Report from the Abyss https://pentachrist.com/?p=73
  3. Pass 2 has much better spacial balance
  4. Got the business checking account squared away today. Spent a little time working on a business card idea. First pass...
  5. Yep. I don’t really need to say this to you, but get creative with it. Don’t hold back, right from the concept stage. Be fully committed to it. The last thing a doom vibe needs would be something unconvincing. You have the creative mind to deliver it. The only reason .I mention it at all is because often when people step out from their comfort zone, their established skill base, they are in test the water mode, pulling their punches. It should a pretty exciting project!
  6. Once I've finished part one, I'd like to do a video. Kind of an in-process thing that doubles as a teaser.
  7. I think the strings need more work. I've been trying to work on the viola. It needs more filtering, but I haven't dialed it in yet. This first drum segment needs some chains, but I haven't found the right sound yet. It still needs the lead, vocalization segments, and a few more sound design treatments. Trying to do a doom vibe thing, you know?
  8. Good stuff Steve. I wasn’t sure of the string sound on those first notes. More correctly the attack sounded wrong. After it got going it was all working well. The first sporadic drum rhythm felt too predictable. Rhythmically to steady, single note-ish. Otherwise, awesome dude! Great sounds over all. Love the second half in particular.
  9. Yes! Nice one. Maybe high quality might be big file size and there’s been a slow cache issue in the chain between internet nodes. All it takes is one slow node timing out transferring a file part and you get a corrupt cache.
  10. Double f*ck me. I literally just resaved the exact same post without changing anything and now the player is showing a time. Does it work for you now?
  11. I need deep critical attentive feedback for works-in-progress. I need a few serious artists to download a hi-res audio file (periodically) and engage with me on intentions, progress, hopes, dreams, & failures. I have, right now, three people I trust for various specific reasons. I would like to expand that circle. In return, I will do everything in my power to aid you on your own journey.
  12. What's f*cking weird is that the post shows the audio, displays the time and file size, but won't play the audio. The live page does not display time in the built in player. f*ck it, I'm going to update the piece for tonight's session on my Reelcrafter reel and post for NMF. I was really hoping Wordpress would be a great method of direct hi-res audio. Reelcrafter is good, it's 48khz 24-bit, but streams at the equivalent of Apple's streaming audio (good, but consumer grade). I'll keep looking at this and delete the post later. Thanks for the awareness, my friend!
  13. I see an error on the player Steve. Nothing plays.
  14. https://pentachrist.com/?p=65
  15. Awesome Steve! Good to see that you are ready for this. It’s pretty essential for artists, producers, labels etc. and an inevitable step for your desired trajectory. It says a lot about your progress on your journey! Happy for you my friend.
  16. Pentachrist Productions, LLC was approved by the federal and state agencies today. Look out world! https://pentachrist.com/?p=57
  17. https://pentachrist.com/?p=52
  18. I get that, bro! I'm f*cked up. I'm doing the best I can. We can talk privately. I can't always give you all the info you want, but I can assure you that I am safe (for the moment) and working.
  19. Oh, I'm well aware of that. I'm careful. I filed for a business LLC today, which is a necessary first step. The post you responded to originally was me talking out loud to myself. I appreciate your care.
  20. Hi Steve. Without any relevant experience/knowledge myself, and depending on whether you're a writer, a performer, or a producer, I'd simply suggest you talk to someone who you believe is successful in that field, even if only to get names of people and services they use and recommend. I think that most people, even if busy, are helpful if the questions are short and sharp. But keep your bullsh*t detection meter turned to 11 as many people tend to inflate their 'success' for appearances and ego. Greg
  21. I filed for an LLC today through the state's recommended third party registrar. It included the application, EID filing, Articles of Incorporation filing, a forwarded business phone, and personal info kept off public records. Special thanks to @Clay Anderson Johnson for information and a kick in the ass (in a good way). Once it is official (it's supposed to take 4 business days), I will open a business checking account, get real and virtual business cards, and start scrapping to build it. The website I've started will be to generate leads for production work and to promote Pentachrist music (which will come later). The next step, I think, is to finish the first track, create a promotional video, and start looking for funding.
  22. I'm not at that point yet. I have a million ideas and they are all time-consuming. I'm talking, right now, about a sounding board for ideas and pragmatic steps to take. There are a thousand people with ideas, advice, etc., etc. Articles, videos, friends of friends, methods, advice. I want to hire people for various professional tasks in establishing a viable presence. Right now, I specifically need someone to help me organize my thinking so that I can keep growing and paying for the right people to move forward. Enough to sustain a working creative model.
  23. Sorry to hear that you're feeling stressed, but I'm not sure how hiring strangers will alleviate the quagmire unless you're an excellent manager of others. But then again, perhaps this is unnecessarily negative as I'm a control freak, cynical, and generally distrustful My lowly goal has only ever been to make music that I'm proud of, and get it heard by more than just friends and family. Money would be nice, but music has never been my profession. What's YOUR goal? Specific $$/pa? Number of YouTube views or Spotify listens? Press articles? Music reviews? In the next few days I'll be posting a long article just on my experiences with 'Publishing' which I've just untangled and looks to be far more lucrative than streaming. Cheers, Greg
  24. Someone to help me figure all this shit out. How I can create, go public, and not sell my soul. Someone to bounce ideas off, help me figure out courses of action, etc. Setting up a business. Who to hire for what purpose. Pragmatic steps to take. I've already hired a technical consultant for Bitwig, the DAW I'm migrating to. There's so much to consider, so many avenues. I don't want it to become a quagmire.

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