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Triads (read Yer Manual)


Been re-visiting Lesson One: "complete mastery of major scales as applied to your instrument."

This author (Dick Grove) really means it. (Squeal!!!!)

Understanding has come esp on triads. (Triads and chords are picked not strummed). When 1st dabbling w/ them the exercises came out pretty good, and I wrote or added stuff in songs from this practice. Maybe it was time off - am finding the new level of comprehension delightful.

I'm not just playing exercises but thinking them, why they are, and in relation to one another. It's also like the work has been cooking w/ me doing nothing. Maybe next week won't be so good ;) That's the beauty of growing old, knowing the desired outcome and a reasonable way to attempt it. Enjoying the trip, more accepting of the downs.

The chromatic major 7 chords are an easy pattern. The hardest is this one: C E G / Ab F Db (same measure). What it is, is ascending C triad (or maj. 7 chord) then a Db triad/chord played backwards. Next measure: D F# A / Bb G Eb (D triad ascend, backward Eb triad descend). And so on. Played in 6/8 for triads.

I haven't been "reading" this one, but trying to think the triad backwards while playing. Tom Prin, old jazz prof. used to counsel us when you're riding the bus or waiting in line, think about the cycle of 5ths, the double accidentals ](ie Fb = E or G## [G double sharp]= Bbb [b double flat] and they both = A). He really wasn't trying to drive us crazy, but get us in the habit of thinking hard and stretching the brain about the relationship of the notes to one another.

With Dr. C. it was getting like physics - or what I imagine physics to be ;)

Anyway - since one goes thru the whole scale thus chromatically each triad or maj 7 chord is learned frontwards and backwards.

What follows is a post on Lesson One, a few months back. It is rewarding to have kept w/ it. Great discipline too, the rhythym patterns, accents and attention to tempo/fluidity.

And PS: Had a better workout today - because I actually followed instructions on weight machine (not unlike following Dick Grove!) Doh! Read yer manual!


Mar 1 2007

Obstinately working on scales - via a Dick Grove book. Lesson One is "complete mastery of major scales as applied to your instrument." There are 6 "routines" (w/ choice of 2 starting points) in Lesson One: like starting at C, playing an octave of the scale, going thru the cycle of 5ths. You do these to "rythym cards A & B" - 4 measures toto - which include accents, tie, triplet (and one stacatto note). One routine of cycle of 4ths, and then the other 4 routines are chromatic or chromatic/cycle of 5ths.

So yeah, next the guy has major triads; then chromatic triads (ascend in C, descend in Db major [same measure] onto ascend in D, descend in Eb major, etc;); then major 7ths, then maj 7th chromatic. All done in the 6 routines, to "rhythym cards A & B".

So...I figure lesson one will be my pal for roughly two + seasons, if I still care by then!

I hope I stick with it, though. What a foundation that would be!


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