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9-11, The Who & Not God


Freaking out again over The Who.

Saw a clip of them, Concert For New York recorded 5 weeks after 9-11.

All I could think was this is greatness . Each individual certainly, but the band together: greatness.

And the collective unconscious thing, too. How does Townsend get this stuff across? I recall being young and instantly understanding the powerlessness in Won't Get Fooled Again. You can bang up yer verve, can rule the rock world even as he has, but the new boss same as the old boss is ruling you - or too much of you. All these humilities (injustices really) remind me that none of us are God. We can't change the world, we often cannot change ourselves.

NY Fire and Police Audience [smiley=hearts.gif]

It was impossible not to get carried on trains of thought as the cameras panned from NY Fire Dept/Police audience, to The Who. These guys (many are my time period) GOT The Who, Townsend's lyrics.

On the way home fom hospital after Dylan was born, the first parent I saw on the street, I felt instant connection...and then connected w/ every parent in the world. It was that fast and complete.

The same sort of thing, I reckon, was happening at that concert. It reminded me of Thomas More...Townsend's pen, the NYF & PD, whipped and beaten, all of them. All men - my God, it was painful yet beautiful. Sacred. And the battles to be fought from here on out for them all. Like the Man of Sorrows, every last one of them.

And of course the great joy - the GREAT joy between band and audience, such victory and hope. Exquisitely alive, like a love letter from Angels - via The Who! That should not bother anyone - matter (that is, people and circumstances) is continually used to aid others. And The Who got what they got from the gig, and the people, whatever that was.

Zak Starkey

Zak Starkey is literally one beautiful cat of a drummer. Truly beautiful and graced. I would guess athletes are looked at in this way...spectators enjoying the skill, strength and beauty of the athlete. Being inspired and uplifted maybe. I've always regarded musicians in the same light - dif being mainly using ears & mind to discern. Every once in awhile tho someone is arresting. Just watching even the fingers of Z. Starkey, rolling the sticks along the high hat - that's like a gorgeous sunset, stunning.

Seeing The Who made me miss more than ever, being in a band. Being able to play isn't enough.


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