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There is something rather “exhibitionistic†about blogging.

One wonders how far you could, or should go.

This whole thing – the internet….billions of voices all crying out to be heard. (Imagine the energy that creates in the universe? Out there in cyberspace?)

There's something rather pathetic about that, but then again also very human.

You could conclude that human behavior then is – pathetic, or is it just that we’re all the same and like a dog pissing on a lamp post we all want to somehow connect, or just leave our mark?

Saturday -the day for mundane chores like shopping.

Why is it that it takes us ALL day to go and buy food?

Ok, so I took hubby on a bit of a meandering journey through lots of clothes shops FIRST and surprisingly he didn’t complain “too†much.

There’s something odd about those fitting rooms and I’m beginning to believe that there’s a conspiracy of sorts going on.

Some form of consumer trickery.

I mean, it’s bad enough that the lighting and mirrors in them make you look ten times bigger (and who looks at themselves THAT close up?) but why is it that when you try on jeans that in the fitting room they actually FIT, but when you get home they feel too big?

Is it all that walking around looking for jeans that makes you lose weight by the time you get home or is there some kind of magic going on inside the fitting room that just makes them “fit†– there.

It’s a ruse see.

They impregnate the denim with some kind of chemical than makes them expand while you're driving home and then you either have to take them back – and wait in those damned frustrating refund/exchange queues, OR you just put up with the slightly too big jeans….until a few months down the track (when you've lost the receipt) you get sick of them sagging and just go back and buy a new pair!

Or maybe its just the warped perception of myself (so I am told) that refuses to believe that I am a size smaller than what I think I am?

I finally bought “the card†today.

I’ve been meaning to, really I have. It’s just taken me a while.

My Uncle, (who’s not really an Uncle, but back in the day when etiquette was different we called close family friends “Uncle†or “Auntieâ€) has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

He lives in another state, but still he is a big part of my world in that he is the only person here in Australia from my way distant past where I grew up in Africa.

I was so saddened to hear the news, and I think of him all the time.

Yeah, he WAS a smoker but gave up many years ago. I guess it still got him though. So bloody unfair!

So I want to send him a card, just to say I’m thinking of him as he undergoes all this chemo and radiation treatment. I know he’s putting on a brave face and is determined to “beat this!â€

I have the card….I’m still searching for the words.

I just love people watching.

(See, I am an exhibitionist AND a voyeur.)

I could sit for hours and just watch people …imagining what their lives are like. What their thoughts are like.

Do other people think the weird stuff that I think?

Or even weirder?

That’s a scary thought.

It’s easy to pick the people who are not comfortable in their own skins….and those that are.

Those that think of themselves as being “invisible†and those that think that the whole world was put here solely to rotate on its axis around THEM.

Funny to think about all those “thoughts†buzzing around in people’s heads as they are walking around the malls.

The internal dialogues going on inside them like a constant stream of mind pollution.

It’s a bit like all the bloggers on the internet.

Imagine the energy of all those thoughts going on in every single MIND on this planet!

Is this what is causing global warming? The atmosphere heating up by the frenzy of thoughts being radiated from every frazzled, over stimulated human mind on the planet?

Why can’t we SLOW DOWN and just be still?

Just ….be…quiet….

Me too.

I want to learn how to find that still-ness inside my head.

That inner sanctuary of peace.

I don’t know how though. Is it even possible, really?

I’m supposed to be working on the balance between the mind/heart/body and soul.

The four “houses†or something.

I think I pretty much covered the first three today. (Clothes shopping is "exercise"...isn't it?)

Now, for my soul -I want to TRY to “ just be quiet’.

Tomorrow I will be venturing into deep dark caves – literally.


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