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Fish Diary Part 1


OK. So, I have started my own personal diary of sorts to keep track of my fishy business! It was suggested I post it as a blog! OK, so first of all, Since my diary did not start until I started cycling my tank I will give some BG info..

10 gal tank (to be used for quarantine/hospital tank)

2 inch gravel (1 inch sand colored fine substrate for plants, 1 inch colored substrate for looks)

6 fake plants

2 live plants

1 large cave ornament

1 med sized pink/whiteish rock (real)

1 4 inch long bubble stone.

3 plant bulbs

Before this first post, my two live plants where removed. (due to in order for my bacteria colony to grow, cannot have plants that will absorb all the ammonia)

So.. here goes...

Day 1 (9/29/07)

Added ammonia, waited 4 hours. testing 3.0. Added more ammonia to bring up to 5.0. tested 12. did 25% PWC. testing low again, added a few more drops of ammonia. Testing 5 now.

Day 2 (9/30/07)

Temperature fluctuations. Yesterday w/ light 79.9F

w/o light 96.4

Before bed 75

wake up today 74.

5:20 pm 80 (after light being off for one hour)

Day 3 (10/01/07)

Ammonia holding steady. temp fluctuations continue. Removed fake plants. Bulbs still not sprouted. Will leave in until done cycling. if still not sprouted will remove and replace with live plants. Also: Two inches of gravel. Too much. removed 1 inch. Also removed rock as placement was not sufficient. any fish who would swim in front of filter would end up being pushed into it. Left cave. It and a few live plants will be more than suitable for its purpose as a QT tank.


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