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  1. OK. So, I have started my own personal diary of sorts to keep track of my fishy business! It was suggested I post it as a blog! OK, so first of all, Since my diary did not start until I started cycling my tank I will give some BG info.. 10 gal tank (to be used for quarantine/hospital tank) 2 inch gravel (1 inch sand colored fine substrate for plants, 1 inch colored substrate for looks) 6 fake plants 2 live plants 1 large cave ornament 1 med sized pink/whiteish rock (real) 1 4 inch long bubble stone. 3 plant bulbs Before this first post, my two live plants where removed. (due to in order for my bacteria colony to grow, cannot have plants that will absorb all the ammonia) So.. here goes... Day 1 (9/29/07) Added ammonia, waited 4 hours. testing 3.0. Added more ammonia to bring up to 5.0. tested 12. did 25% PWC. testing low again, added a few more drops of ammonia. Testing 5 now. Day 2 (9/30/07) Temperature fluctuations. Yesterday w/ light 79.9F w/o light 96.4 Before bed 75 wake up today 74. 5:20 pm 80 (after light being off for one hour) Day 3 (10/01/07) Ammonia holding steady. temp fluctuations continue. Removed fake plants. Bulbs still not sprouted. Will leave in until done cycling. if still not sprouted will remove and replace with live plants. Also: Two inches of gravel. Too much. removed 1 inch. Also removed rock as placement was not sufficient. any fish who would swim in front of filter would end up being pushed into it. Left cave. It and a few live plants will be more than suitable for its purpose as a QT tank.
  2. wow.... and I thought the fishsticks song was stupid! LISTEN TO IT! Lyrics..... I fixed the spelling so you could actually read it!.. but seriously.. just listen to it! Josh Tobin "Fish Sticks"
  3. ..... Nevermind.. realized it was FOR FOLK MUSIC... lol
  4. Hope4Peace


    I used to use D'Addario but I found I was snapping my strings quite a bit, ok not all that much but a good handful of times.. and for someone like me who's scared to death of a string hitting me in the face that was too much for me. I used to be scared to tune my guitar or change the strings for that reason. So, I went to a guitar shop and asked for a good set of strings that wont break easily, and, had a nice, warm sound. I was recommended Earthtones. I loved them and thats what Ive used ever since, Earthtones Phosphor Bronze medium gauge.. Ive not yet had one break on me and I really do like the sound.
  5. My father. I don't even really like him but when I was a little girl and didn't know any better he was my hero. I would sit and listen and watch him play for hours. even when I grew older and didn't really like my father I still couldn't help but love his playing. Granted hes not all that great by any means. but hes not terrible either. I always thought it was nice seeing him mess up and go back and try to figure it out, which eventually and usually not after too long, he did. (he never took lessons and did not read music all was done by ear). He is the reason why I picked up guitar myself. If I can become even as good as he was I will have accomplished my goal.
  6. I like the star ones. I think the ones that just have designs as the fret markers are fine but I dont like the ones that have designs down the entire length. that would confuse the hell out of me. But I really like the "stars moons and commets" one. It let me view the first page of the gallery but when I tried to go to page 2 or 3 it redirected me back to page one, then to the main page.
  7. LOL. I dont think so.. Im pretty sure direct sunlight is bad for most all electronic devices.
  8. LOL I love my voice over the intercom!
  9. word of advice to all.... STAY AWAY FROM VISTA!!!!! seriously though. I hate it!!!!!! you cant do anything!!! you go to open IE.... your security settings will not allow you to run Internet Explorer while using aol dialer. ... I override that.. ' this program "internet explorer" is trying to run... do you want to allow this?' click ok.. try to open a site... ' this web browser "internet explorer" is trying to open this site" bla bla bla" do you want to allow this?' click ok this site cannot be displayed for security reasons :| so finally I set all the security settings in the internet options down to low or off or whatever and no sooner than I hit apply.. .... big yellow warning box and alarms go off.... YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK!!!! CLICK HERE TO FIX THIS PROBLEM.. so I shut down norton. then the whole time online theres a yellow banner above the web pages.. ' the current security settings put your computer at risk, click here to fix this' you can click out of that box, but the second you go to a different page it comes back up! Try to download yahoo messenger.. it sais it cannot open that page... tried it on aol.. same thing.. I had to download opera to be able to download yahoo. like I said... STAY AWAY FROM VISTA!!!
  10. some days I dont mind my voice, some, I even like it, others, not so much.
  11. ok, for anyone who cares, Im back on myspace. add me if youd like.. I could really use some friends.. I swear I wont delete you this time http://myspace.com/hope4peace86
  12. I love how people dismiss my ideas, then later they use them as if it was their own. this is all I have to say to them ....WHATEVER! The most recent case. A poetry site I used to be active at. I suggested that they have something when you sign in that tells you which poems have new comments. At the time, you would see a list of ever poem you had and beside it where links with a number, example (3) would mean you had 3 comments if you had 1 new comment on that poem it would say (3)(1). Now, these links are very small. and for members who have hundreds of poems, its a bit of a pain in the ass to look through them all to see if they have new comments. Hence, my suggestion.. well the staff and many members said, thats a stupid idea, you can just look at the list and it will tell you... yea, I just signed into my account there.. guess what the newest feature is? upon login you now get a list of your poems with new comments.. hmm wonder who thought of that? like I said.... whatever
  13. Well, I cant say I would be upset if I this week was completely erased from my memory. I kept hoping it would look up, but the change of tides never did come. I really hoped it would get better tonight when I got home from work, but nothing has changed, well other than another day has gone by. I know, I tell other people to look on the bright side, but im not seeing any light right now. Ive had to go all week wondering if my man was mad at me or if he was hurt or something. I was physically sick all week until yesterday and I didnt even realize why. I finally figured it was from the diet pills I started taking. Work has been BLAH but also BOOM. alot of clashing. One of the supervisors is breaking down, she just cant handle it anymore. If she would start taking advice from other people she might make it, but if she doesnt change soon, shes going to be fired. Me, im just trying to keep myself out of the way, do my job and nothing more, since everyone is pretty much ignoring me anyways and nobody ever seemed to give a f*ck when I went the extra miles anyways, so f*ck it. Im sick of being the only one who cares. but oh well. Then, oh and this is great. I spent $300 on two bedding/curtain sets (one blue one purple) and of course, just like always my luck.. what happens? delivery problems.. why.. f*cking asshole sellers feel the need to use DHL.. goddamn idiots. now I was supposed to get the damn package 2 weeks ago, I talked to a woman at DHL last saturday and gave her VERY clear directions and a description.. goddammit theres a huge f*cking rock face mountain right behind my house, you cant miss it. she told me, oh yes, i know where you are talking about, we will get that back out to you next week (this week).. well guess what.. IT HASNT COME!!!! I just went on dhl to see the tracking info.. its giving me errors like crazy wont let me view the tracking info WTF.... but hey, whats it matter, with my luck I probably wont even be getting my new house anyways, or my husband for that matter.... someone just give me a hole to crawl into, please.
  14. its when I really need you, that you're never around its when I start to trust you, that you always let me down its always when I'm truthful that you lie right to my face its for all the things i love of you, theres just a much to hate. and its never enough to tell you how I feel. its always too much cause you know my words are real. but when you ask me if Ill leave you, I still reply "never". and when you ask how long my love will last, It will always be "forever". its when you say you'll be there, that you never do show up its when you promise to do it, that you always seem to give up. its when I try my best, that you just cant give at all. its the moments that mean the most to me, you never can recall and its never enough to tell you how I feel. its always too much cause you know my words are real. but when you ask me if Ill leave you, I still reply "never". and when you ask how long my love will last, It will always be "forever". you couldn't bear to hear the truth again another round with Mr Hide but somehow you seem to turn it all around and make me out to be the bad guy and though it never makes a difference, ill still tell you how I feel and ill ask for your forgiveness though i know my words where real. but when you ask me if Ill leave you, I'll still reply "never". and when I ask if you still love me, you always say "forever".
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