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I Was Thinking


which is a most dangerous pastime for me! I was listening to a news item regarding obesity!The general concensus is that we are all becoming obese, and in another 40 years, a huge percentage of the population will be clinically obese! The government is worried! The strain this would place on the, already stretched health service could be critical! It could cost millions of pounds to treat this 'new age' condition. The news item included expert testimony from er, 'experts', who concluded that our changing lifestyles were to blame! The evolutionary process is failing to keep up with our changing ways! Apparently? The Government is suggesting that we change our slovenly ways and will more than likely find a new tax or two to 'help us'

Well, I'm no expert! So I suppose the following points will make no difference in this ever changing world!

Children aren't getting enough excercise.

Government (and local council) response?

Sell off school playing fields to developers.

Allow the building of huge housing estates with tiny, or no gardens.

Set aside NO green areas in proposed new developments for children to play in.

On already existing green areas, erect signs bearing the legend 'No Ball Games Allowed'.

Reduce the alloted time spent on physical education in the school curriculum.

Set parents minds at rest by releasing known paedophiles into the community, and not keeping proper tabs on them.

And while I'm fired up!

We keep hearing from the government about 'visions' and 'the future'. What's best for the country and all that bollocks! Well I'm getting a little pissed off with it! I don't want some assholes 'vision'! Gordon Brown keeps on about his 'vision' Well I'd like Gordon Brown to come and work with me for a few years and then tell me about his f*cking vision! I'd like him to have the same bank balance that I have! With no realistic chance of ever having a decent retirement payout. I'd like him to wake up in the morning and go to a job that he doesn't like that much. But I'd like him to do that for the rest of his life! The trouble is, we can't all be politicians! Who would pay for the pensions then? I hate politics because it is, in my mind, exclusive and not inclusive. The old chestnut of somebody representing the views of the community is the biggest con ever. Politicians represent the party they belong to. Party politics is a joke. The opinions and 'visions' of a tiny minority taking sway over the majority. If somebody can distinguish the difference between the two major parties I would like to hear it! Gordon has decided that the European constitution, that nobody wanted, is what we all really want, but just don't realise it? So he's going to call it a 'treaty' and give it to us anyway! Now the fact that we were promised a referendum on this by the government, is neither here nor there! The tiny minority in government wanted the 'constitution'. The vast majority of the people don't want it. As witnessed by the referendums held in other european countries. Never mind, lets change the name ! We don't need to hold a referendum then!

By the way! If anybody can tell me what the difference is between the parties at the moment? I'd love to hear it! When the Tories thought there might be a general election, they trotted out their proposals for a 'better' future. Then Gordon upset everybody and didn't call an election, but adopted all the Tories proposals instead? Do we need three parties? Do we actually need hundreds of MPs? Why not just have a prime minister? He makes all the decisions anyway? Why bother paying all the others? Like us, their 'visions' don't count for much! Unless you happen to be a sycophantic Gordon lover! If we have all these other 'Members', they start thinking! They try to invent new policies without first putting their brains in gear, (Or even starting the engine!) Some bright spark has now aired his (or her can't remember now?) views on what they want to get to grips with next! They are thinking of, get this, 'Targeting' middle class commuter belt citizens for drinking in their own homes! I don't know who said this but it was just another news item I heard. Whoever did say it should be deported back to the planet they came from! I remain quite exasperated! This shows you what kind of mentality is inherant in our politicians. Somewhere, somebody voted for this idiot! The thought of he/she ever becoming a powerful political entity doesn't bear thinking about!

I have abstained from voting since 1974. Not because I don't want to vote! But because I have yet to find somebody I feel deserves my vote! Another thing we hear lots about after elections, the low turnout! That's because the system is flawed! If the Governement was a business, it would have been insolvent years ago. "It's the best system we have" is something I've heard. Well I'll wait untill I hear of a better system before I waste my time thanks!

I'm going to finish now before I get too tense! >:(


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I have to admit that I don't vote either. Over here it is compulsory that you vote and you can get fined if you don't but because I am not an Australian citizen I am not obliged to by law.

The older I get the more afraid I get as I realise the stupidity of these so called "powers" that affect our lives with their decisions and laws.

In regards to obesity....isn't it ironic.

They don't allow advertising of alcohol and tobacco anymore because of the health risks - and fair enough, I can live with that, but what about fast food?

Just how many fast food chain outlets does one country (one SUBURB!) NEED anyway?

And what about the sugar, salt and fat laden foods available in the supermarkets?

It's all about convenience these days and the stupid thing is to buy HEALTHY food - fresh fruit and vegetables etc (well....God knows if it really IS fresh OR healthy these days?) is more expensive than buying convenience or fast foods.

For example, if my family of six were out and wanting to buy a "healthy" lunch from a salad bar where they sell sandwiches or rolls with salads and sliced cold meats it is WAY more expensive than if we just bought some greasy fried chips and gravy or even some burgers from Macdonalds.

If they seriously wanted a healthier nation then they need to look at the realities out there.

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I just get sick to death of the whole political bullshit gravy train! If the government want to get us to eat healthy, ban fast food! Make it illegal for food manufactures to add salt, sugar, poisons! Same with exhaust emisions from cars. Make it illegal for new cars to be sold with excessive exhaust emisions! So instead of placing the onus on us, place it on the maunfacturers. The trouble is, too many of these political idiots are in bed with the power mongers! I think it's time the people took over. The whole political landscape needs to change! Politicians have had it too easy too long. Most of them have absolutely no idea of what happens down here on the bottom rung! I'm pretty pissed off with trying to struggle through life! Paying taxes to fund some f*ck*n idiots pension fund!

I have to stop now! I'm getting tense again! :-/

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Isn't this what the Sex Pistols were saying in the mid to late 70's?


Anyway... A democracy is easily the least efficient form of government. It would be wonderful if we could all have a benevolent dictator who will make all the "best" decisions for us without any red tape. Anyway, we all know what happens when power is put into the hands of one, or even a few men. Peace in our time!


So we are stuck with democracy, the trouble is, no matter who we vote for, we get a politician!


We had a woman down here in the 90s who ran a fish and chip store. She wasn't a politician, she didn't say things a politicain would say, and she asked questions the polititicans didn't want to answer. So what happened? They threw her in gaol! Somehow, somebody came up with "evidence" she used a postage stamp she shouldn't have somewhere and in she went. Problem solved. I was a member of a political party at that time, and the whole party machinery moved away from it's policies onto how to assasinate her political life. It's not what I joined the party for so I quit.


In our recent election a young guy, out of work and a self confessed motoring enthusiast won a senate seat. He's not a politician. I can't wait to see what happens when he asks a question the pollies aren't ready for.


I wish him luck. Keep thinking, it makes us all do the same.


Anyone have some Aspirin?



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