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  1. My "Lyric A Day" petered out, but only because I felt I needed to take a second, third, etc look at a few of them. Write on!

    1. john

      Well that's good. My issue with these lyric a day challenges is they focus on volume. To me, such a process should be about kick starting the creative processes and the drive to complete a draft. Thereafter, once rolling, try to regularly start new lyrics and try new ideas, but switch your emphasis onto quality and completing the lyrics full stop. Just my two cents :)

    2. Lisa Gates

      Kel, I think it's great you've decided to develop them!

    3. Kel

      @john, I challenged myself to spur the creative juices by forcing myself to write, not expecting much from it. However a couple came out that I think are worth some development. Generally I agree with quality over quantity, but the juices must keep flowing.

  2. A little birdie flying high,

    Dropped a message from the sky,

    As I wiped it from my eye,

    I thanked the lord that cows don't fly!

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    2. Lisa Gates

      yeah, it's a line I might work into a song. you can if you want. i thought it had some hidden directions it go in. ya know?


    3. Kel

      Done my writing for today... just posted #4 in a personal challenge to write a lyric a day.


      I spent a little time stalking you yesterday. Didn't learn much, lol


      I'm interested to hear the story of how you ended up in Nashville, when you have time.


      As for me, this last week and a bit, I've unpacked a guitar, practice some nearly every day, been writing every day (well, the last 4 days...) and starting to get the fire back. I've even loaded CD's into the car! George Strait of course!


      I try listening to our local Country radio station, but I don't get much of a chance, It's run by the indigenous folk here so there is a lot of political hoohah on it which I get fed up with... just want the music!


      Got myself hitched again (3rd time lucky?) Sept 2016 and planning a trip to Hawaii next year. I haven't travelled overseas since 1977! The trip after that may be US mainland... Nic has no interest in Nashville, but has interest in New Orleans, so we might do those two cities. I have always wanted to immerse myself in the Music Row experience... Bluebird Cafe etc. Might even catch up with a friend!!! New Orleans should be interesting too. I like Blues and Nic doesn't mind Jazz, so we should be able to find something we both like there.


      Cheers for now


    4. Lisa Gates

      Check your PM 🙂


  3. Wow... we have our own feed now?

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    2. Kel

      Unfortunately not. The fire went out one day. Packed up my guitars, put away my keyboard, closed all my notebooks. Didn't even listen to music!


      Happy to say, it's back!


      I've embarked on a personal challenge to write a lyric a day. # days in and going well...

    3. john

      We'll I am glad you are stoked and re-lit lol


      Other than goals for a lyric a day, do you have any goals or aims? They don't need to be fancy, or hugely ambitious, but I find having goals makes a huge difference to ongoing motivation. That could be something as simple as filling your notebook with lyrics through to placing a song, or becoming a multi-trillion selling writer.... reality of those goals is a separate matter!

    4. Kel

      At this stage, I am committing myself to the lyric a day, and a critique a day, but I've missed a few there, and practicing on my guitar 4-5 days per week. I'm also aiming at submitting works to Tamworth Songwriting Contest and the Australian Songwriting Contest this year.


      Not putting too much pressure on myself other than what I can do.

  4. That ranks right up there with "Obli di, obla da..." and "Da do run run run, da do run run"
  5. Given we only have a finite number of notes to work with, and a less difinitive number of associations anyone may consider pleasing, it is probable that at some stage we will write what has already been written. We can't know every piece of music already written.
  6. Burt Bacharach once told Hal David, "Nobody walks down the street whistling the lyrics!" Poor Hal.
  7. Burt Bacharach once told Hal David, "Nobody walks down the street whistling the lyrics!" Poor Hal.
  8. Kel

    Neck Speed Myth?

    Metal produces sustain, surely. A metal nut will replicate a metal fret and a metal bridge will have more sustain than a nylon or wooden one. Also having the pickups closer to the strings has to help. Makes sense to me, but I'm no expert.
  9. What is making your songs long? Is it the lyrics, the tempo, or the musical interludes? There are ways to address all of these. If its the lyrics, are you telling too much of the story? Are you using superfluous words or phrases? Are you saying the same thing multiple times? Its easy to be verbose and taking a critical look at your lyrics is a good place to start. Tempo is also a fickle beast. I've writtn more than a few songs at a slower tempo than they ended up. Interludes... do they support the lyrics or do the lyrics support them? Do you need that 2 minute shredding guitar solo? Really? Just a few questions to ask yourself. Cheers, Kel
  10. Songstuffers... I'm alive!!!

    1. Kel

      I'm still alive!!!


  11. Kel

    New Or Used?

    Agreed, it has to feel right
  12. Kel

    New Or Used?

    thanks for your input guys
  13. Kel

    New Or Used?

    Hi all, I'm coming into some inheritance money, and thinking I'll get myself something I've never been able to afford: a real Fender Telecaster. Question is, should I get an old one with a few miles and concerts under it's belt, or a new one off the shelf? I'm not much of a player, and performing isn't my thing... it's more that I've always wanted one. Question is, new or used? Cheers, Kel
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