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On My Way... The Beginning - Blog Challenge


Blog Challenge

More Money = More Time To Work on Music

I'm pretty sure I'm like most of you. I love songwriting and music in general and honestly would love to have a hit song. Who wouldn't? I'm guessing those that wouldn't have either tried so long they've given up, don't think they are good enough, don't have enough money to do what they need or have a lot of money and don't really care. (Please let me know of any other reasons I haven't thought of). I know doing it for "the love of music" is what most people say, and what most people believe. My problem is I already love music but don't have the time to do it or the money to do it right. I would love nothing more than to make enough money off music to be able to quit my day job and concentrate more on music. But even the slightest tinge of hope in that prospect is many years away. Maybe more years than I can actually live.

I go through the standard musician phases.

• I think my songs are pretty good

• I think my songs are great based on comments and how much I personally enjoy them.

• I think my songs suck, I'll never make it

In the end it's sad but true, the only way I will 100% know if my songs are good is if A LOT of people like them and buy my CDs. It's a standard I set on myself. I think it's really about what you want out of it. I want to be able to work on music more and make enough money to support my family in the same way, or better, than I am doing now. So in that respect, I have to make money on it or I just won't be able to do it that much. As I'm married with 2 kids, I can't put them in the poor house (or not spend time with them) while I'm off searching for a dream. It's too irresponsible. My ship has sailed. I had many years to have time and not worry about anyone but me and really work on music, but I didn't do it then. Instead I put the guitar down for about 10 years or so. So here I am now, older, maybe a little wiser, but mainly older.

I do have CD projects in mind. I have songs I'd like to put on them. I guess my main problem is I'm average at best when it comes to mixing and I don't have the cash to go to a studio. So I'm stuck in this mode of wanting to give it all up and then wanting to try it all again. Luckily I love music so much that while making money is my ultimate goal, I do get a lot of enjoyment working through the whole songwriting process. Really, that's why I keep doing it. It always gives me hope and it's a lot of fun. When I'm working on a song I go through the phases of thinking it's not good, it's really good, is it good? Could this be the song people really dig? It seems my mind is always in flux on my songwriting which leads back to my "the only way I'll 100% know" comment.

So in short, it could come off that it's all about the money and that's what I want out of music. But really, I want the money solely so I can do it more and not have to worry about the money and have the time to create.

I've many plans for songs, videos and movies. While I'm not any kind of expert in any of those areas I, along with a group of people, did win the 48 Hour Film Project in St. Louis in it's inaugural year. I learned a lot from that experience and would like to apply that to music videos and eventually a movie in which I would also do the soundtrack. Lofty goals? Yes. Goals that will never happen? More than likely. But I figure you have to have goals and you might as well aim high. So while I'm AIMING high, others may think I AM high already. :hippy:

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Nice blog post Randy. Read your other one too. I'm similar to you in many ways. I think starting a blog is a great way to muse, mull over, think-while-typing.

I don't have anything profound to add, just encouragement and best wishes for those goals. You have a right to them!!!

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Thanks a lot. You are a 100% correct about blogging. I've never done it and just typed while I was thinking. It's kind of nice to type them out however random they kind of are. No worries on not having anything profound to add, I didn't really have anything profound to say! LOL Just being honest I guess.


Thanks for the encouragement and the best to you as well.

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