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  1. While I can't really help you with the topic, I would suggest coming up with 5 or so questions that people could answer. This may help in knowing what it is exactly you're looking for. For example, I could talk about how the lyrics during that time-frame were less politically motivated as say the late 60's and 70's, but is that the kind of thing you're looking for? Good luck with the podcast.
  2. I voted. I had to vote "to a degree" for numbers one and two. I don't think they've lost their passion as much as they have been "re-directed" due to the internet and smartphones. One, it's a distraction and takes attention and focus away from what they want to do (same goes for people in general.) While technology has advanced so much everyone and anyone can actually write music, which is a good thing, I can't say it's all 100% positive. Used to be, you had to have the passion to get a song made. You almost felt "special" because you were doing something not everyone can do. Now, anyone can do it so it's kind of lost it's luster. "Eh', anyone can do that now" type of attitude. The other thing, while great as they are, the multitude of plug-ins and other things you can search for and use leads people to look for a better sound, more efficient work process, etc... and spend time on finding that stuff, more-so than just focusing on the one, most single important thing ... the song itself. Just my 2-cents.
  3. I think at our age we can BE ZZ Top.
  4. What's up Dave! It's been a while. I'd been wondering how you've been doing. I feel like we're getting the old grumpy group band back together again. When do we start touring??
  5. Digging deep ... Gordon Lightfoot - Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  6. Valerie - Ceramic Animals Saw these guys with the Black Keys this summer. Had never heard of them but they were really good live. This particular song I found interesting as it's relatively new, but the "valerie" chorus section is musically a note for note duplicate of a song I wrote many years ago.
  7. My answer is NO. I think the main thing that held me back was reality. 1) I'm old trying to get into a young persons game. 2) There are millions of songs to go up against. 3) The main one, not enough time and devotion. I rarely have/had time to work on songs let alone all the time it takes to actively promote it in the proper way/s. At least those are the reasons I'm sticking with. Not being that great overall would be in the top five if I dug more.
  8. That's a good rocker. Very nicely recorded as well. Thanks for sharing. It's always good to hear some new tunes done in the "older" style ... especially since mine are that way too.
  9. Thanks John. That's a yes on the full band arrangement. The guitar parts I played are a combo of some bass parts and guitar parts. You're spot on with the post-punk. I'm going with a relatively heavy New Order influence but a little more on the "rock-y" side.
  10. I think the song lends itself to some straying vocals here and there. 👍
  11. Funny, I didn't notice any spots that seemed out of place. I'm glad you skipped the "and" in the "I know what Love is and this ain't it" It sings great. Great song and superb vocals.
  12. Nicely written. I haven't seen a take on this subject like that.
  13. Rough as hell but happy to be doing it. Here’s an homage to the 80s song I’ve had in my head for a while. Feels good to finally flesh it out a little outside of my head. Falling In Love With You (Back in the Day) Back in the day, When we first met. Hanging out at the mall, I’ll never forget it. You were coming down, I was growing up. I found a penny on the ground, Went to pick it up for luck. You gave me a smile, Then went on your way. I left the penny on the ground, But I fell in love that day. Can’t you see I’ve fallen? Travel to Timbuktu I’d do anything for you. (You know I love Oliver!) There’s no way I could say that I’ve ever been this fallen, In love. Falling in love with you.
  14. Folk-Funk! I dig it. This works really well as it is. Similar to MPs song, only thoughts are to get rid of a few extraneous words to let the words flow smoother. An an example in the opening line: It seems extraordinary we should have no fear It seems extraordinary to have no fear But knowing this is a WIP, whether with getting rid of a few words, or just practicing the performance, those things tend to get smoothed out during the process. Loved the dynamite guitar playing. It makes me want to grab the guitar and give it a shot! Funk-On!
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