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Guardian Angel?


Over the years I seem to meet more and more people who believe in "angels".

Now the sceptical side of me completely pooh poohs the whole idea as to me it conjures up a far too fluffy image of etherial, half naked cherubs playing fiddles in the sky and since I don't believe in heaven or God then it's only natural that these kinds of "angels" don't really fit into my realm of thinking either.

But....... I have to say that at least ONCE in my lifetime thus far, I have had an experience that I cannot put down to any other explanation, except to say that some kind of "guardian angel" was watching over me.

I was nineteen years old and three months pregnant with my first child when it happened.

I had just begun my nurses training which entailed a long commute (2 hours by trains and buses) from Bondi beach to the Western suburbs of Sydney.

Feeling the strain of having to travel so far each day I had put in for a room at the hospitals nurses quarters I was currently working at but there was a waiting list, so it was organised for me to stay at a different hospital a few suburbs down the train line.

It was the first night that I was to travel to the other nurses quarters to stay overnight.

I got off the train at around 11 pm and proceded to walk to my accomodation carrying a large overnight bag on my back.

Now back then, at nineteen though I "thought" I was pretty sensible , really I was like many other young people who just never expect that anything "bad" will happen to them.

I think for much of your younger years you simply feel invincible!

I did anyway.

It honestly never crossed my mind that walking alone at that time of night was a stupid thing to be doing.

I had been doing it for some months already and besides that particular night I was dead tired and simply wanted to find my bed for the night, fall in it and get some sleep before the following morning shift.

So, I began walking along this long road which had another major public hospital on one side (but set a fair way away from the actual street with lawns and bushland between it and where I was), and on the OTHER side of the road there was a school which was in complete darkness.

I was just trudging along, thinking about my day and the day ahead, when suddenly a voice that seemed to come from nowhere, spoke into my EAR and said in a rather urgent tone...

"If you scream, no one will hear you!"

I'm not sure whether it was the the voice itself or what it SAID that scared me more, but there in that moment I suddenly became completely aware of all that was around me and to my fright, looking around I realised that whoever, or WHATEVER it was that had spoken those words was exactly right!

I was in a place where IF something were to happen....yeah, screaming would not do a damn bit of good because there WERE no houses....just that hospital and an empty schoolyard and that LONG road ahead.

And then I saw the man step out from the darkness of the school buildings.

I cannot begin to explain the terror I felt but before he even walked out of the gates I KNEW that I was in trouble.

I did all I could think to do, which was to cross the road and begin walking under the street lights thinking if I were more visable.......well....it was a thought anyway.

Who on earth would see me at that time of night on such a deserted street?

The man crossed the road behind me and followed.

Now I was really panicking and those words were echoing in my head...."If you scream no one will hear you!"

I couldn't tell how much further away the hospital was but I knew I couldn't out run him, not with my heavy nurses shoes and the bag on my back, but I began walking faster anyway.

So did the man.

Funny how time seems to slow down in these situations.

It's like those dreams you have when you try to run but your legs won't move.

My legs felt like they had turned to jelly.

I couldn't have out run him even if I tried.

Complete panic was overtaking my senses and I felt SHOCKED at my own body for betraying me!

How dare it do this to me!

I felt in that moment the most vulnerable I have EVER felt in all my life.

Completely at the mercy at whatever this man wanted to do to me.

I kept turning my head and he was still there....closer, but as though it was a game he knew he still had time to make his move.

It was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

Finally panic won....I lost it and tried to run.......I heard him running behind me and at that VERY moment a car pulled up beside me - traveling from the direction I was running towards...

The passenger door was thrown open and I heard a mans voice say...

"Quick, get in!"

I didn't even THINK....couldn't think. I did as he said and jumped into the car.

It was all complete confusion at that point.

As we sped away I burst into tears, so relieved to be "rescued", not even for a moment considering that this person could be an accomplice of the man chasing after me!

He wasn't.

By some uncanny coincidence this man - a nurse, had left for work earlier than usual that night.

I hadn't seen him but apparently he had driven past and happened to notice me and had felt something was just not "right" with this situation even though the man was a fair distance behind me at that point.

When he got to the hospital he said he felt compelled to turn around and drive back just to "make sure".

Now perhaps it was all just coincidence...."luck" or whatever you want to call it, and to be honest if it weren't for that strange voice that I heard prior to everything then I might be inclined to put it down to sheer good luck as well.

But that voice.......?

It was like suddenly someone (something? A guardian angel perhaps?) saw the situation BEFORE it unfolded and tried to to warn me.

I have the feeling that IT was responsible for intervening somehow.

After all, had I have NOT been given that warning I may have remained lost in my tired thoughts, might NOT have noticed the man come out from where he had been hidden in the darkness, and probably would have stayed walking on the other side of the road where there were no streetlights and therefore may not have been seen by the man driving by.

The man who had been following me bolted as soon as I jumped in the car and although we drove around trying to find him, and rang the police...well, who knows where he went or WHAT his true intentions had been that night.

Deep in my gut, I feel that if it weren't for the kindness of a stranger...or guardian angels..... I might not be here today.

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