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#1 Burning Potions With The Moonlight (Hocus Pocus)


So since I'm already here, I'm going post some lyrics. I'm not that confident about my lyrics, but I'm posting it anyway. Now this one, I'm not sure about the title and the last chorus, and I feel the choruses are too short. Anyway, feedback please! The copyright at the bottom probably not necessary (who will steal this anyway) but just to be safe.

Burning Potions with the Moonlight (Hocus Pocus)

Underneath the wicked full-blown moon

Got a set of spells I wanna try out

Prey all you want, morn'll never come soon

Drown in your own moans and shouts

Love potion, seduction, it's all in the motion

Dash of sugar and splash of wine

Friction, tension, wind blowing away the caution

I'll do anything to get back what should be mine


Hocus pocus, don't lose focus

Now repeat what I want you to say


And even the wrong words seem to rhyme

Parsley sage rosemary and thyme

Faking promises that I'll be fine

Try all I can he'll never be mine (whoo!)

Underneath my wide, full blown smile

Lies a wicked dark little smirk

Being in the sheep's clothing has its perks

I think I'll just stay by your side, for a little while

Higher, higher, ignite the fire

Enchant me, entrance me, get me hypnotised

Don't tire, every push a bit more stronger

She doesn't deserve you, it's bout time you realised


Hocus pocus, you need not focus

She and I are gonna just have a small talk


And even the wrong words seem to rhyme

Parsley sage rosemary and thyme

One step and you'll out of line

And all alone making these words rhyme

And I'd mutter some nonsense

To keep you on your toes

Burn a whole lot of incense

And fry a few bones

Cause you're on your way to being petrified

And it's fun to watch you terrified


And even the wrong words seem to rhyme

Parsley sage rosemary and thyme

I've strung you up in a line

And he watches and he just feels fine

© 2013 Jiwon Heo All rights reserved


Recommended Comments

The rhyming scheme is nice and I like the ode to Simon & Garfunkel. Do you have a melody for this? The thing I would relook at is the theme. Seems a bit dark which is not my sort of thing, but whatever. I guess it depends on the audience you're writing for.

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  • Noob

Its a good concept but some of the lyrics were lame when you spoke about herbs I would change that part to something else along the lines: Am I all out of time?

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