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A Blog!


Hi, everyone.

I just made an account today, and I'm going to use this blog to post all my lyrics.

I write lyrics in my spare time, and since I'm not doing anything with it, I thought I could give it to someone who can actually make music out of it.

If you see something you like, just contact me. You need my confirmation to use it, but I don't mind if you make some changes to it. I don't require money, but I want to hear the finished product and be credited for the lyrics.

My lyrics' style varies (greatly) according to my mood (like my music taste) so I'm sure there's something for everyone. I'm not that confident about my lyrics, but I'm posting it anyway. Some feedback will be nice (don't worry about being too harsh, but I need constructive criticism, so don't just throw insults at me. Or you can just throw praises at me, which will do wonders to my ego).

I have a lot of stuff, and I'll keep posting.

My email address: holdon2thislullaby@gmail.com

Thank you,


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Hi Jessie, welcome to Songstuff.


A better place to post lyrics for display is the Showcase forum, or if you'd like feedback, the Critique forums.


By all means use this blog for writing about your writing, your inspirations, your style, your pet cat etc but people wanting to see your lyrics will go to the other forums mentioned above.




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