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The Start


Looking back it has been such an experience being here on the forum.

In the past few months I've been here I've learned so much and I've began to see some poeple on here as 'friends'.

I really would miss them if they suddenly would vanish from this forum. Don't know if they feel the same about it but that's

not the point I guess.

I've always loved writing. I've began to write my first poems when I was 11-12 years old.

Stupid English poems full of spelling mistakes :P Some in Dutch/Flemish.

For me everything sounds better in English for some strange reason.

Anyway I've been writing poems from than on to deal with all that was going on in my life.

Music has always been my way to escape everything or find rest or put my aggresion out in a healthy way.

That's why it will always be my greatest love of all. When I was 14 I discovered Metal music.

The lyrics were so deep and the music could bring me to tears.

My first metal gig was Evanescence. Not sure if they are really metal but I remember that when I left that night that I started crying. Tears of happiness. It was the first time in my life I felt 'home'. Surrounded by all this people who were there for the same reason and nobody looked strange at me. Since than I'm addicted to gigs.

In metal I found my 'family'. People with the same music and it are the kindest and most warm persons I've met.

Most of the people doesn't like metal. And think we're all satan worshippers or depresive suicidal persons.

It's a shame that people are that shallow these days. I don't worship Satan, I would never hurt anybody, I'm just me.

Metal has so many different genres. Death metal is verry extreme and I get that people don't like that genre.

But you have power metal, viking metal, pagan metal, female fronted metal.

Some of that genres is my mom likes :P

Somehow I've discovered Ed Sheeran. Not metal at all.

I guess it's because at my work I'm forced to listen to the radio and all the songs get stuck in my head.

It was the time that me and my boyfriend split up for 2 months. I was at work and I heard the song 'Give me love' from Ed Sheeran. I heard it and I just began to cry and cry and cry. It touched me so deep at that time.

I was really a big mess and I came home, looked that song up and played it over and over and over.

Began to search more of his work and it blew me away. He did it with just a guitar, a loop pedal and his voice.

His lyrics are simple but it can touch me in a way I've never experienced before. And now one year later I still play his songs over and over again. It drives my boyfriend and friends crazy.

My friends don't like him 'cause his not metal. (shallow minded).

But it was one day I just sat in the sofa and I was wondering of in my mind.

And I thought by myself, I have everything I want but there's something missing.

I mean I have a boyfriend who I really love, the greatest friends in the world, my own appartement, 2 cat's I adore, a job (not my dreamjob but it gives me money to survive), I'm healthy.

And than it hit me... I want to do something I really love. And I love writing.

I've been writing poems for such a long time, I wrote a couple of short stories.

Than I saw a clip on youtube of Ed Sheeran and it basicly said that you have to follow your dreams and work for it.

'Cause if you don't someone else will.

And my dream is writing, making it somewhere with my writing.

So if he can make it with his words, voice and guitar why can't I?

I've always wanted to play guitar or drums but my parents wouldn't let me. So I've orderd an acoustic guitar and wrote my first lyric.

Learning to play guitar on my own is the hardest thing I've ever done!! I still suck in it!

But I'm not giving up and I keep practicing. Allmost threw my guitar out of the window 'cause it wouldn't work.

Everything needs time so I just keep going.

The writing goes realy good in my opinion. Because of the weekly challenges and all of the great critique and comments I get I can improve myself. Without all of you I wouldn't have made it this far.

So a big big thank you for that!! :) It's really a big support for me to keep writing and keep improving myself.

I know it's maybe a bit weird or confusing what I write here, but so is my mind :P

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I just joined this site so I guess I'm nosing around to see how it works and what different uses it has for people. Stumbled here :P and although I prefer rock to metal (Rise Against etc) many of my first friends were metal fans, and the first time I was blown away by life was at a gig. The adrenaline and welcoming feeling that it gave, and I also became addicted to gigs, only I can't really find anyone who likes the same bands as me so I have to go to them alone which kind of sucks. (I'm a fan of Evanescence but never seen them live, last time they came to Scotland they sold out before I could afford a ticket.) Btw I also struggle to learn guitar, I've given up like 3 times but do want to learn for real. I'm just not a natural at... anything, actually haha. Anyways sorry for the big response, just felt like chatting on something XD

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Always nice to get response! :)
Didn't think anyone would read this or found this intresting :P
I have enough friends in the metal scene so I know most of the poeple at the gigs I'm going to.
Also my uncle is a lightman at most of the gigs.
Gigs are expensive. For me at least, ticket, t-shirt, drinks.
There's a small venue a couple of streets from where I live. So the tickets are about: 18-26euro.
Depends on the bands that playing. But it's a reasonable price :)
For Evanescence you pay the dubble I guess. Seen them once and I'm happy with that.
Last time they were here didn't go... Working in my apartement. So need to save some money :)
Rise Against is a good band!! Seen them once. Don't know if it was at Wacken or GMM.
But going alone is not that sucky. You can always learn new people there :)
Here we have a metal bar so I've met a lot op people there :)

Giving up 2 times... but after a couple of days I always start again.
I'm also not a natural in anything. Maybe writing is the only thing I'm 'good' in.
But not outstanding.

Where in Scotland are you from? Been there on vacation 3years ago.
Fell in love with that country!! Such nice people over there :) And love the nature!!
One day I'm moving over there, or Wales. One day!

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Haha, well blogs can be interesting and yours came up :) You sound a lot more dedicated and motivated than me lol. I'm not good at sticking with things.

Rise Against years ago weren't even that good live. Got so much better though and now they're one of my favourite live bands as well as bands in total. Seen them 6 or 7 times now. I still go to the gigs I'm just not all that great at meeting new people at gigs and stuff and would like some gigging pals :P

Here or Wales? :L Bit of a difference in my opinion (mostly accent) but I don't know if we vary so much to Europeans - where are you from? I live in Glasgow/ Edinburgh, as in I'm from Edinburgh and will move back from Glasgow when uni is finished XD Glad you like it over here :) I'm guessing it was Edinburgh you visited?

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I'm from Belgium. Not so much nature and absolutely no friendly people!!
The only thing that's keeping me here is my mom. She wouldn't survive if I moved to another country.
I've visited Edinburgh one day. But me and my friends hired a cottage in Beauly (if you know that place) and from there we went to visit other places with the car.
Was really an amazing journey :)
My friends have been in Glasgow. But I bought an apartement that needed some renovations so I didn't had the money to go with them :(
So still dreaming of going to there!! One of my number 1 places to visit on the list :)

You can always go onto a forum from the band you love and there you can search for people who are living nearby? Just a suggestion :)
Some of my 'gig-pals' I've met via internet. So why not you :)

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