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  1. Thanks!! ^^ Thanks! I hope she will be a creative spirit
  2. Thanks! I really like being a mom ^^ And we have been blessed with such a good and happy baby girl No sleepless nights for me!! Finding peace is really important!! A welcome back for you to than ^^
  3. Vagdavercustis


    Just some random pictures of my life...
  4. Thanks!! Still waiting for her to come
  5. Can't wait to hold her into my arms! :-)
  6. It's been 2 years since I last was here... time flies! Happy to see that there are still people here who remember me I've never give up on writing or forgot this place. I was just in a really bad place and really thought about just giving up. I began to isolate myself from everyone. Positive thing about it is that I wrote a lote of stuff. Not soo much lyrics but just thoughts and feelings put on paper without any structure. So myabe in time I'll rewrite them into lyrics. Allthough I think that some of them are a bit too depressing. Anyway too keep it short. I've found myself a new love a new job and moved too the other side of my country (I'm glad it's not such a big country ) And now I'm counting down to 30/03 cause if everything is going good I'll be a mom than from a baby girl. Not sure if I have it in me to be a perfect mother but I will love her with all my heart and do everything I can to keep her happy and safe and I hope that will be enough. For the first time in my life I'm just happy. It feels that I am where I need to be and I found myself some peace. So a welcome back to myself on here and I hope I will stay now!
  7. Hi Iguzda, I'm sorry to hear that about your brother!! Cancer is such an ugly disease *virtualhug* I guess my parents will never understand... I just better let it be than to wind myself up about it. Wasted energy, right. A happy new year for you girl!! I wish you all the best Hi tunesmithth, It's not about proving something... it's just the fact that I thought they could be supportive for me for once in their live instead of breaking me down. They never gave me the chance to chase my dream. And that's what hurts. Most of my friends doesn't support me in this and I don't give a damn, 'cause it's my passion. But my parents, it's different for me than my friends opinions. If you know what I mean?
  8. I'm from Belgium. Not so much nature and absolutely no friendly people!! The only thing that's keeping me here is my mom. She wouldn't survive if I moved to another country. I've visited Edinburgh one day. But me and my friends hired a cottage in Beauly (if you know that place) and from there we went to visit other places with the car. Was really an amazing journey My friends have been in Glasgow. But I bought an apartement that needed some renovations so I didn't had the money to go with them So still dreaming of going to there!! One of my number 1 places to visit on the list You can always go onto a forum from the band you love and there you can search for people who are living nearby? Just a suggestion Some of my 'gig-pals' I've met via internet. So why not you
  9. Holidays should be fun and spending time with your family. For me it's work, work, work and pretending to be happy that I'm with my family. I'm just glad I'm spending new years eve with my friends. They're more family to me than my real one. I've been spending so much time learning to play 'Jingle Bells' on my guitar. I know it wasn't perfect (far from) but I played it for my family on Christmas eve. My sister was verry enthousiastic. Said I've learned a lot and it keeps getting better. And than my parents... saying that it was a useless waste of time and that in a few months I would be tired of it. When I was a little girl, 6-7 years old, I wanted to do music school and learn to play the guitar or drums. Got the same reaction from my parents back than. They never understood my love for music. Even now when I talk with my mom about my writing and the forum she seems to think that it's all a waste of time. And for my dad I'll never be good enough I guess. Just a hopeless dreamer that is never going to achieve something other than working in a store. So right now I can't seem to write anything 'cause I only hear my parents saying that it's a waste of time. Hopefully I will get my inspiration and drive back soon... Anyway wishing everyone happy holidays here! And a joyfull 2014
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