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Last Gig Of The Year


Last gig of the year: Friday 19 December 2014

Club V Fareham Recreation Ground. Denny’s 60th birthday bash.

Denny himself is in a covers band, and they opened for us (Blown Out). I was very glad that people did get up and dance to them. Though it was at the last song!

This was their first gig, and they did well. They did one of the songs we do ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’, so the party heard 2 versions that night.

Club V is a wonderful place. It’s got 2 control rooms for DJ/audio & lighting engineer, a nice big stage and all the power sockets you could wish for. Noise is not an issue as its set in open ground and surround by fields.

A buffet was provided which the drummer and the alto sax player made for straight away (as usual).

We played 2 sets, though I think we should have played longer. It was pretty good and everyone enjoyed it.

The only problem is…

As we were clearing the stage, our bass player Paul toppled my glass of soda water into my stomp box. It was a nearly a full pint too. Fortunately it was powered down and unplugged by then, but I spent a good couple of minutes shaking water out of it.

I took it home and left it by a radiator. The box is an aged Boss GT5 which has served me with only one minor breakdown in 15 years. It has now died however. It cost close to £600 when new, but they are no longer made, and Boss gave up servicing them when it was superseded by the GT6.

The current unit is the GT100 and it’s a good deal cheaper than my old GT5. However, none of my carefully crafted patches will work on anything else and I am unlikely to be able to source another GT5 easily.

So, I have decided to go about things differently from here on in.

I have ordered a Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor. This is basically just a pre-amp with a vacuum tube (valve = uk) at its heart. Every music retailer are out of stock or no longer supply them. Except one; GAK still offer it. However, even they had to order one from Germany.

I’m looking forward to trying it out, and I will probably want a reverb unit of some sort too, but haven’t selected which one of those yet.

I may review the Tube Factor later.

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you bet Tom,


WE had 2 grim gigs during the winter. We just couldnt connect to the people there. Ok some individuals came up after and said nice things, but we usually measure success on how many people dance, and we usually get that.

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