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Being A Novice


Now here is where we all find out who i really am and all about , where as i never have said i am very good at much i do own some great qualitys spelling not being one of them incase you hadn't noticed .

But one thing that has been in my life from a very young age is music from when i sang in the school choir to now although i do have to say i did kind of loose my way for a while there, i allways wanted to be involved in music in some way and i am very nieve in lots of ways lets take the theory of music this is a lets say a difficult concept to understand if you are me and i can only speak for me but there has to be that element of feeling thats how i do it i feel what i write when i was involved with bands i wrote lyrics but found out trying to relate to others how i wanted it to sound very frustraiting so i had to do somthing about it so i got myself a guitar and you know what i dont even know half of the chords i play and i can just here the gasps of shock and i aint even posted this yet but still i get great joy from picking that wonderfull pice of wood and steel up strumm a little and hey presto sound melody magic appears before my very ears and the ear well for my money the best organ on the body stick a few chords together it tells me that sounds good or even that just isn't right i relate to most things in my life through music be it sad or happy a song almost allways stirrs a memory in my mind but i went off on a tangent there didn't i what im trying to say is i love music :worship2:


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