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    have loads of interests i love painting which i only started doing a year or so ago listening to music having fun hill walking and as i live in the most beutiful country in the world i have loads to walk
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  1. A very emotive subject indeed, we all know artists that are great musicians and great vocalists that dont make it, however we all know musicians that are not that good and do make a living at performing and recording. music for me is subjective so it makes it very difficult to sort it in my head, i dont think their is any right answer , for instance if i had a friend who had no obvious talent but was spending a fortune on equipment and services connected to musical ambitions and was to the detriment of his/her family i would like to think i would say to them. On the other hand there are artist out there making a living because of their difference as someone already said Ian Brown couldn't hold a note in a bucket however has been hailed as a great indie artist and has made a career out of music so taking that all into account we never know where it will go.
  2. I have returned, bad spelling and punctuation! Been away for a while due to illness hope there is some old faces still around.
  3. Canny believe you gave me a penalty point...    my life is in tatters

    1. Steve

      Hahahaha! Sorry Tom. I was young and foolish! What can I say?  :) n


      How you fairing these days?


    2. musicthom

      am ok buddy suffering bits and pieces of ill health from time to time but ye canny keep a good man down.


    3. McnaughtonPark

      Good to see you, hope all is well

  4. Hi Just1L, for me a bonus track should be something a little out of the ordinary, an acoustic live version of a song, a massively different arrangement a previously unreleased track or even a rare Demo! version
  5. Think the last big gig was U2 at Hampden park 19 Aug 2009 Roddy Frame was just under 5000 at Glasgow royal concert hall last December and i will be heading to London on Wed to see james but i am not sure of the venue( Electric Ballroom) capacity
  6. With all the modern tools at our hands for me photoshop is a valid medium for art too keep on doing what you are doing dude
  7. I have dabbled in acrylic on canvas here are some of the results
  8. Good point I am currently rehearsing some new band members still to find a drummer and will be back gigging asap thank you for the feedback
  9. Now that my debut album is out there and promo has started some radio stations are asking for interviews here is my first how did I do? http://youtu.be/vzvPz86jY-o
  10. I am 100% with you on this bro I have been writing for a long time however I have never had the time or the inclination to be a sound guy or a techy guy I will stick to what I like doing best and that's writing. So much time is spent trying to get an insight into how all the techy stuff works that the music gets lost so I pay a producer to do all that and I enjoy recording.
  11. Thanks Steve yeh once you get to grips with writing it kinda takes over leaving little or n time to do other stuff however I am here for the moment
  12. To be fair I learned loads from Songstuff so it was only fair that I should express my gratitude, a word of advice for new members I learned more about songwriting by critiquing other peoples songs however you need to be open minded about your own material Now maby I can spend a little more time here
  13. I have been a member of songstuff for quite some time I cant quite remember how I found it however it was a real learning curve for me and posting my ideas and getting feedback was amazing. The point of the post is well..... I always wanted to record and release an album and I have been lucky enough to realise that dream, Songstuff played a very big part in this so to John and all the team a very big thank you! without you guys and the members it would never have happened
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