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A FEW UPDATES: I did attend the Song Contest at the wild Goose, but didn’t win—Gene Burnett took first place, and Frankie Hernandez second, and I can’t argue with the decision: both guys are awful good at what they do. There were additionally at least two more writers I would have rated higher’n me if I were doing the judging. Nonetheless, George Clark (on harmonica) and I did the crowd a good job with “Armadillo on the Interstate” and “Bluebird on My Windshield.” The audience were clapping along with the second one, and listening raptly to the first. I can’t complain.

AUDITIONS today for a sort of “superstar show”; I went—and found I either knew or had heard of all of the other folks auditioning. It’s reportedly a benefit for the community college, organized by the students. Happens in June at the big Ginger Rogers Theater in downtown Medford. $1,000 prize (which I’m obviously interested in). Gave ‘em “Eatin’ Cornflakes from a Hubcap Blues” and “The Termite Song”; they did have me fill out a form for coming to the second round of auditions (which is maybe a good thing—I don’t know if they do that for everybody).

GOT TO PLAY LEAD on Darrin Wayne’s songs at tonight’s Southern Oregon Songwriters “showcase.”. Bunch of compliments, which I think means it turned out okay. May result in my being tapped for more lead work, which is what I was after. Tomorrow Darrin and I will get together to practice.

‘TIS THE SEASON: With March coming up, I can resurrent two seasonal favorites, “Invitation to St. Patrick” (another sleazy blues) and (for St. Leif’s Day) “The Six-Legged Polka.” Found an accordion player I’d like to tap for the latter, and sent him the *.mp3 file. (He hasn’t contacted me back.)

WHAT ELSE have I got going on? The Paying Gig at the Wild Goose is supposed to happen in March; that’s a 3-hour set. (Currently playing phone tag with the booking agent.) Most folks who do these have a partner, so they can trade off, but I’m tentatively planning on doing it all myself—I have more than enough songs to fill 3 hours. I want a band, though—and have to assemble them and practice. Done right—like, if we pack the place—it should result in other gigs. It’ll also be a good kickofff for assembling the “joelist” fan base.

Started work on the “joelist.” Maybe 100 entries initially, from the current e-mail archives and including the Southern Oregon Songwriters Assn. members I know (there are a bunch of ‘em I don’t know). Includes a bunch of out-of-town folks, too, that I’ve met at Pineyfest and suchlike places. (No, they aren’t likely to come to concerts, but they’re a market for CDs.) Next step—the old e-mail archives, which go back to the birth of “Alice” the computer in 2003.

UPCOMING: Next week is the annual city-county insurance conference (leave Wednesday, ends Friday afternoon), and it appears the “house” band we put together last year is still in business—they’ll be playing Thursday night, and I’ll be playing with them. Their “songbook” features two of my songs, “Duct Tape” and “Naked Space Hamsters in Love.” Friday, I’ll get to play with the Friday Night Group again in Garibaldi—and solicit additions to the “joelist.”


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