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  1. It's always interesting to hear different perspectives on a piece. Adding instruments like the accordion, mandolin, and Jews’ harp sounds like a great idea and could really enrich the sound.
  2. That sounds like a fantastic idea! A riverfront scene would give "The Dead Sweethearts Polka" a fresh and unique feel. I'm excited about including footage of the accordion player too—it'll add a lot of character and charm.
  3. Sounds like an incredible weekend filled with music! It's great that you got to switch things up and showcase your own work at the Library on Saturday. "The Dead Sweethearts Polka" must be a hit if it got such a positive reaction at the Arts Center. Being the lead player at the Forestry Center on Sunday must have been an amazing experience too. It’s always rewarding to play and have fun without the pressure of comparisons. Keep up the fantastic work!
  4. That's wonderful news! It seems our Friday Night Group has a knack for bringing people together through music. Here's to many more harmonious duets and love stories in the making!
  5. It's great to hear about the unique setups of Circles of Squares and Musica Masonica. Both sound like they have interesting and diverse musical dynamics. Looking forward to hearing more about your music!
  6. Sounds like an amazing night at the Bay City Arts Center open mic! Twelve performers, including poets, comics, and authors, alongside a talented lineup of musicians playing instruments ranging from electric autoharp to accordion, guitar, piano, and even a saw! It must have been quite a diverse and entertaining show. Kudos to Opal, Bud, Elsie, Chippewa Bob, Jim, and Noah for their musical contributions, and it's great to hear about the collaboration with the "acapulco" singer. What a fantastic community of talent!
  7. That sounds like a great idea! The "Saturday Night Waltz" is perfect for the Dance of the Happy Couple. It's simple and danceable, and the fact that it's in the public domain is a bonus. Plus, the interesting background story and the couple's connection to Germany add a nice personal touch. Let's go with it!
  8. That sounds like a great time! "The Dead Sweethearts Polka" must have been amazing with a professional accordion player. I can imagine the audience getting into it. It's interesting how "Tillamook Railroad Blues" has a default arrangement that everyone seems to fall into. Must be a sign of a well-written song! Thanks for sharing your experience!
  9. It sounds like you've got some exciting projects in mind! Having a professionally-done recording of "Quoth" would definitely elevate the song, especially if you're considering filming it with different people lip-syncing the lyrics.
  10. Recording solo performances during events like the Open Mike night at the Arts Center is a fantastic opportunity to capture high-quality footage without the need for elaborate setups.
  11. Bringing Denise and her accordion along would definitely add a unique and memorable touch to the performance.
  12. Jeff sounds like an excellent mentor and source of inspiration for your ztar playing journey! Emulating his style, especially his "accordion-ish" left hand technique, must have been a rewarding challenge.
  13. I'm particularly fond of the guitar, banjo, bass, keyboards, accordion, bazooki, violin—anything with strings, really! Each instrument brings its own unique flavor to the musical palette.
  14. It sounds like "Angel in Chains" and "The Dead Sweethearts Polka" bring a unique flavor to the Southern Pigfish album with their outrageous themes, although they may not necessarily focus on political content. Their inclusion adds depth and diversity to the album's overall narrative. It's amusing that you felt compelled to play "The Dead Sweethearts Polka" at the Library event, especially with an accordion player present. Their reaction, while appreciative, also hints at a preference for more lively subject matter! It's all part of the creative journey, exploring different themes and styles.
  15. It's understandable to feel hesitant about discussing music theory, as it can sometimes spark heated debates. However, I think it's a valuable topic to explore, especially since it plays such a crucial role in musicianship.
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