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Radiohead Beats Hacker And Donates Money to Extinction Rebellion


Radiohead have released hours of recordings instead of paying ransom money to a hacker who stole them.




Just last week, an unknown hacker stole unreleased recordings of Radiohead. Thom Yorke had recordings on 18 MiniDiscs of music recorded during the recording of OK Computer. Most of the recordings were an hour long. The hacker threatened Radiohead with the online release of the recordings if they didn’t pay the hacker a ransom of $150,000.




But Radiohead refused to be a victim. They didn’t pay the ransom. Instead, Radiohead themselves released all of the hacked music, making it available online. 


Johnny Greenwood, guitarist and keyboard player for Radiohead stated that the hacked music was "Never intended for public consumption” adding “it’s only tangentially interesting. And very, very long. Not a phone download. Rainy out, isn't it though?"


Radiohead have made the recordings available on a Bandcamp page for £18 (approximately $23). Climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion will receive all of the proceeds as a donation. 


Extinction Rebellion lion are one of the Climate Change organisations that helped push for mass public demonstrations, such as activists chaining themselves to a boat in the centre of London.

Extinction Rebellion 


Extinction Rebellion








Jonny Greenwood





Top Tip #1:

If you are a hacker, considering extorting money from musicians, perhaps use a more effective lever than dusty, old, unreleased recordings.


Top Tip #2:  Target a group that's less savvy, and has less of a chance at spotting an opportunity that gets publicity for the band and their chosen worthwhile cause.




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