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The Germ of an Idea


I was on a sunbed.


The sun was beating down, and I was thinking about how much I love writing, playing and recording music, but that nothing happened with it.


I have been here at Songstuff for a long while.  I'm not much of an activist -  a part time lurker really, but I started thinking it might be tome for a change.


I wanted to set some rules, some targets and objectives and to see how I can do better than I have before.  Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Create a brand new musical vehicle, with a new "band" name.  (The band is really likely to be me, possibly with some collaboration and support).
  2. Write and record an EP, 6 tracks maximum, with a unified sound
  3. Release before the end of the year - Bandcamp, Soundcloud and maybe look at Spotifiy etc via Distrokid, CDBaby or similar
  4. Proper videos for two of the songs, maybe lyric and static image videos for the others on a band specific Youtube channel
  5. Social media marketing campaign (I have just shut my Twitter account, but I think Instagram is better for music anyway.  Twitter seems to have become a place to shout at other people)
  6.  Aim to at least double the number of listens and downloads achieved on my best previous online release "Prime", which goes back to 2014.  (Currently standing at total plays 394, 18 sales/ downloads - not the highest bar to be honest, but that's the benchmark).



  1. All songs must be new - no old rewrites
  2. No new equipment - this is not a GAS exercise, but a creative one.
  3. Choose some base sounds (amps, guitars, keys etc) and stick with them to produce a homogenous sounding EP.  No concerns about adding some unusual sounds, but the base should be recognisable.
  4. Artwork can be outsourced - not my area of expertise.





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It's about damn time! you've got talent! you know i know cause i tell you all the time. I'll help in anyway i can.

the marketing of your music is key. don't recreate the wheel. there have been tests and you can learn from other's people's mistakes. Don't rush be patient. let's get a plan going and set up specific time structured releases.

ok now i'm excited!!

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