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    I have many written lyrics. Some with music, some without.
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    Basically anybody lyrical who loves harmony in almost any genre

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  1. Hey Mitch, this is a heavy instrumental for sure. did you look around the site to see if you had any common ground with anyone? It's worth a shot. There are some really talented people on this site. L
  2. Ha ha John! I've never stopped writing, I just ran out of time to finish them enough to post them. Right now I have three lyrics in the works: a covid nursery rhyme, a funky jazz, and an upbeat country lyric (surprise)! singing is on the back burner. the coach I love got a little pushy with me so I stopped for awhile. I plan to go back to her but with my small goals not her grand ones on the table. As for Jason, he definitely was shocked I could understand. I get a little star struck so he didn't talk to me long. I'm one of those annoying "fans" I know I shouldn't be but I cant help it! Doh! He did say "a wee bit" though and I was tickled! Well keep pressing on here at SS and I have Whatsapp open for work often so send me a message there if ya need. L
  3. Hi John! Good to hear of the many things you have moving forward. I would definitely pay a subscription for SS. I would definitely love to pay for a beginner recording course. Being on the site recently, I've noticed it's quiet. I'm happy to hear your suggestions and I'll be signing on as much as I can and posting and commenting. I've been playing on a pool league and have met Jason Shaw. He has the same accent as you!!! I play two nights a week so my time is limited. However, I did take a job with better hours so I'm not as tired and have some time in the evenings to write. As you always say: "See you on the boards!" L
  4. Hi Sophie, I love the piano in this! Your voice is so cool. Especially when you just let it go. You've got confidence for sure! See you on the boards! Lisa
  5. Oh Songstuff how I have missed you! I finally got my puter set up at my new place and am back to the "real world" Looking forward to catching up with you all!

  6. Hey Peggy! This is cool! Every little bit helps and twitter is so easy to get followers so this should really take off.
  7. I hope everyone is staying safe. I'm trying to use this pandemic to regroup and be more creative. How bout you?

  8. Sometimes, life is amazing!

    1. Lisa Gates

      Had a funny moment where my dad and I said the same thing at the same time. Made me realize how lucky I am

  9. I'm getting a demo done to pitch to a Nashville artist. Wish me luck!

    1. Peggy

      That's great Lisa! Best of luck to you!

    2. john

      Awesome. Good luck Lisa!

  10. There's a ghost of a melody echoing in the hallways of my brain...I can almost capture it but not quite. Come here you elusive melody!!!

  11. Thanks for the like

    would like to hear more about the song from you

    Jacob Ajiesh

  12. did you take the vid down? I don't see it...
  13. Lisa Gates

    It Ain't Illuminati

    Wow! you've really had some greatness in your life!
  14. Lisa Gates

    It Ain't Illuminati

    Gravity is the only thing keepin me down Good line!
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