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A Lazy Day


Currently listening to : HIM - You Are The One

Curent Mood: Tired

Time : 2:12am

Right seeing as this is my first blog then I thought I should start by saying how very well I was welcomed to this site and after seeing the site I am very happy to have somewhere to post my work and very happy for people taking the time to criticise and merit my work.

I just got home from work, I am training to be a chef and im very interested in cooking and food.

I started at 10am this morning and finished at 1am

yeah I know im asking myself the same question "what the hell is wrong with me" :D

its very stressful and I am always under pressure that can be a bit too much sometimes but all the hard work is worth it when you see people smile as they recieve your creations or thank you after the meal for the experience, and I would love to make people feel the same with the music and work I produce.

I am a self confessed perfectionist and I would literally finish a 15 hour shift in the restaurant and come home to get into my kitchen and turn it into my laboratory, testing new dishes or ideas and always striving to create something new and fresh.

I normally write something and then work on it for weeks until I get it exactly how I want it and that can be hard sometimes because of the fact that I always change something or make little nips and tucks to perfect my work.

But lately I have toned down on my near obsesive behaviour and I put my half worked creations here to be criticised, check out the song I wrote Bittersweet Dreams which I wrote literally in 2 hours and just decided to put it up here instead of obsessing over it myself but to see what other ideas people have to the fine tuning of my works.

well I think this is enough for now I have to be in work in 7 and a half hours so I should get some sleep.

Much loves to everyone

x x x x x x x x


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