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Oh boy! Embarrassing!




Ok, so I created this blog with the best of intentions and then managed to forget all about it. Eek!


There have been so many changes in the industry, that from a blogging perspective has been an embarrassment of riches, the embarrassment in this case has been my complete neglect of this blog,  while such an array of interesting, industry and life changing events have drifted passed, I commented on.


On top of the trend of changes we’ve had COVID-19 land on our laps. At a minimum it’s brutally forced through changes that were already impacting artists, writers and performers. We were already stripped back to live as a primary way to make a living because of piracy, compounded by labels and collection agencies etc caving in and negotiating pitiful royalties. Now this.


Here, live-streaming has come to the fore, allowing companies who have long taken advantage of artists to appear to come to our rescue. Of course it locks us into their platforms, has us generating loads of content for their networks, all the while happy for the scraps off their tables. Yes it’s been pretty humiliating all round.


Let’s not get too bogged down, it is what it is, but let’s at least agree not to granting sainthood status to these platforms.


Songstuff has started the Songstuff Independent Music Stage in order to showcase independent music. I firmly believe that if we want independent music to be noticed, to be accorded some respect, then we need to be presenting the best independent music alongside the best mainstream music. We need to blur the lines between mainstream and independent music. That means creating and celebrating our own celebrities, with interviews and features in independent music press and media. That means creating our own, accessible platforms and showcasing our music.


It has to be alongside mainstream music. It helps fans to draw the comparison between good indie acts and mainstream and see no difference in quality or style. It helps them to find both celebrated in the same way.

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Anything we can do, right?



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