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Work/life Imbalance


I started running a bit more regularly over Easter and I'm trying to get a couple of runs in during the evenings on weekdays but work demands mean I'm often out late if I do go, typically 9:30-10:30pm for about 40 mins, leaving me too energised to sleep after a shower so I'm up late. Over the next 6 weeks I won't be posting as much as I have done (work) but I'm working on the polishing up the last 2/3 short verses of a simple sounding song (about colour that is subtly more complex than it first appears) - when verses have very few words it's even more important to get the scanning/overall impression exactly right and that's partly why it's taking so much time. That might be the first song I post here but I'm easily/frequently sidetracked with other ideas so who knows - I have 6-8 songs on the go at the moment but might only get 1 or 2 done before Christmas.


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Dream on - in theory perhaps. I know I have written quite a few close together for the FAWM thing I mentioned (7-8 in a month) so I know it can be done - maybe I'll do more during the Summer holidays. I wish I could spend more time on it - I have enough time to jot down new and initial ideas but not enough time to follow up on them - I must have 30 songs with 1 verse, a chorus and a clear idea about what the song is about. The "Eye for Colour Theory" song (now renamed Beautiful World) didn't seem to get much attention here - I can totally understand it - it's not straight forward folk, pop or rock - more like acoustic geek-rock or something - I really don't know. Fortunately I don't have any two songs that are particularly alike. I have deliberately tried to avoid relationship songs which leaves me trying to write "more songs about building and food" (Talking Heads) for example. I'm relaxing that restriction a bit. Non-relationship songs are awkward to write.

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