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The Industry Pitch - A Short Monologue


"..Dear artist, lets get straight to the point. You NEED us because you will NEVER amount to anything on your own. You are just a small fish in an ocean of talent and you can quite literally be replaced over night. We have access to both the knowledge, tools, money, and the right relevant connections to shake things up, put you out there, and make things happen. Always remember that you are an inconsequential little spec of dust. Be thankful for our time and resources. Do as we tell you, when we tell you, and, maybe, just maybe, one day you will earn us enough money so that we may begin to consider pitching in with the enormous debt you are about to accumulate while working with us.."


"..What? Did you really think that the money we are legally obligated to give you right now is going to cover all expenses of your album? Ha! Foolish starving artist! How fortunate for us that your not big on reading the fine print. Because, as of this moment, whether you like it or not, we own you.. 'friend'. You and the your 'Masters'. All those recording expenses, flying first class, buying all those fancy get ups we told you to buy, moving into a lofty apartment (etc), yeah, all those expenses are on your end, not ours. Which means.. that.. your in debt. And you better get used to it because your going to continue being in debt for a very, very long time.."


"..if by some chance something would 'happen' to you, if you suddenly passed way, well, that's works for us too! Have you ever thought about much profit could be made from your demise? Well, we sure have! I mean, we already own the rights to everything when you were live, right. And.. everyone knows that nothing revitalizes interest in a 'has-been's career, like a good old fashion dose of stone cold tragedy!"

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On 12/29/2022 at 2:22 PM, tommy dawson said:

Can you imagine what cool  music and animation or video can we create? We know that animated videos create to explain the complicated process that either is too visually disturbing or cannot be seen by naked eyes. It is vital for courses like medical training since they require accurate details to help learners understand the context to the fullest. When it comes to a matter of life and death, we can hardly allow the misconception. For example I had experience in use **LINK REMOVED** before


That moment when a spammer labels your content as disturbing 🤣👋

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