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Spilled Guts In Aisle 3


Hello TV Land,

I am starting my usual day (as of late) by making coffee, pouring a cup or 7, and firing up the ol' laptop, read all the shit that is happening on this friendly planet of ours, my e-mail and so on, which brings me to this point.

I was debating whether or not to write a blog today, which got me thinking. What good is a Blog?

Hmmm, "What good is a Blog"

Truthfully, I doubt that "this" blog serves any real purpose in life, and that anyone really reads the damn things that are in it. I know I don't,...check the spelling.

I guess "this" blog, if it does anything at all, allows me to sometimes get some of the crap I am feeling out of my system. So, in that respect, I guess it does do....well, something.

I know the title of my Blog is "From the Gut", but I guess I haven't really gotten to that point yet.

Oh well, I need to refill thy cupeth.


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All too right.. even if it may seem useless, even if you may think no one cares anyways, its good to be able to just speak your mind, get whatever you can out. I think someone like you would be really good at free writing. don't think, don't censor, just let it flow. Anyways. I think your just fine :).. its keeping my attention and that in itself is purpose enough.

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