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What Is Art


i see endless debate of what art is. "this is art"

art is in the eye or ear (or nose?) of the beholder.

we live in such a polarized society of either / or with little room for the maybe. media drives this, opinion making, taste making. fact is, it's generally a lot of crap. it's just someone else's opinion, no better or worse than your opinion.

good art? i guess that brings in other subjects like technique, vision etc but still is that not dealing with someone else's opinion? there's a difference i suppose between the opinion of those who create art, those who study art as non artists and the general public, but those opinions are contextual. each views the art from their own abstraction. doesn't matter if the media is visual, or aural, touch, smell or taste or some combination.

so is art something that simply pleasantly stimulates the senses? stimulates the brain? provokes reaction? do you have to choose?

no. you don't. no matter what the press try to say or make you believe.

art isn't taste. we can all see something we don't like yet know it is art.

art defies definition. at least accurate definition.

nearest i could come up with is "an expression of creativity by a group or individual"

hmmm. no mention of the perspective of the viewer/listener.

so perhaps art is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the eye of the artist?

entertainment is in the eye of the beholder


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wow typo....nice topic....and pretty debatable......

i agree with you.....you said art is

an expression of creativity by a group or individual

so i can say that such group or people are called "artist".....eh...?

but there are many those who can't express their creativity....then what do we call them...?

for instance one of my friend have some good ideas....but he can't express it well....he tells me and then sometimes i use them into my lyrics....then who is artist....?

i think he is also an artist....

many have great imaginary but they can't make their hand flow as some other painters can....then who are the artist...?

i think one who inspires any-one is called artist....i a manner....not in a general....

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so then what would you call those....one who inspire the artist...?

apart from nature and other incidents....????

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