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  1. Nate

    Yeh i understand what your saying, Its a cross between Love And Hate

  2. good topic, lots of useful little nuggets in there what about royalties collection? music contracts?
  3. i want to record a convincing breathy, initimate vocal. i have an akg perception 220 mic, large diaphragm and will bre cording into a computer to do the eq etc (I don't record with any effects inline, other than sometimes a small amount of compression. i will be recording a female who happens to have quite a thin voice so it looks to be a challenge. thanks for the suggestions michael, always handy to know. i might have a little problem due to my studio space. perhaps hanging a blanket behind the mic might help? i know that's not ideal acoustics.
  4. how far away should the refelective surfaces be?
  5. if it makes you feel better, we always have more to learn than we know i think.
  6. i was too busy laughing at the pathetic "songs" it churned out.... that really sucks! i can't believe they used that crap as an advert
  7. i have my opinion, what's yours?
  8. nice to see how songstuff is coming along. new features being added etc. as a music site it's really pretty cool, and it's good to see site crew active on the forum. i thought it about time i acknowledged this in my blog!
  9. low spark of high heeled boys - traffic
  10. typo

    What Is Art

    surely art is only art if it is created? otherwise it is simply an idea...
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