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Long Week....


Well well, its been an interesting week to say the least. Stayed late every night until Thursday as usual. Wednesday, I was even the only QC person. Friggin crazy, thats what it was. CRAZY, but hey, its my job. Wendnesday morning I had to go in early for a meeting. Figures, as if I didn't already have enough to deal with at work, starting Monday, QC will be in charge of tooling. When an assembler needs a tool for an order ( other than those in their tool boxes, screw drivers, various wire and jacket strippers, clamps, ect.. ) things like hand crimpers that cost thousands of dollars.. well, they are no longer going to be going to inventory. Now, they will come to QC, and WE will have to check the order, look the tool up, find an available one in the system. get it physically, inspect it, log it out of the system. when they bring it back, inspect it, log it back in. you get the idea. well whatever.. all because people arnt responsible. not the assemblers with the tools, and not inventory personnel with keeping track of them. wendnesday night we lost power. it just went out. so I figured I would see if it was just us or other people, turns out the next town was out. but no apparent reason why. the weather was fine. so as I kept driving, i found the following town had power, so I turned on to a back road to loop around.. found the problem.. huge tree right in the damn road, all the way across it. I start slowing down, the tree still pretty far ahead. then I realize something else and stop on a dime. The power lines all around me, on the ground just a few feet from the damn car, god did that scare me, took me a minute to back out away from them. got home and called the power company and told them.. luckily, the power was back on by the time i got up in the morning. but yea.... thats a quick summary of my week. oooo no, thats not lol.. so, Wednesday as I was leaving work.. LATE.. deb (of deb and jeff the OWNERS of the company) she was talking to me and yea, she said that we would start enforcing the 4pm cut off again. if its not past QC at 4, its not going. now I don't leave till 5, so its not like I'm going to just stop, its more of. at 4, I work on whatever is priority, and by priority i don't mean management priority, i mean whatever is closest to going. if the line has a big order, at 4 o clock thats too bad, I will work on getting whatever is left of the small orders out.. and NO MORE STAYING LATE TO GET ORDERS OUT... now by "late" I mean 1, 2, 3 or more hours late... 5-20 minutes is fine. If something is close to going and is scheduled to ship, or worse, behind schedule. then ill stay to get it out. but the thing is, no more staying till 830 at night, having non assembly personnel working on assembling, and having someone drive the order down to ups personally because we missed the truck. Once in a while ok., but its been a nightly thing, and thats over with... and all I have to say is THANK GOD!!! oh, and one thing that hasnt made my week any better.. I miss my baby :( hes been gone all week on business .. returning tomorrow though [smiley=heartpump.gif]


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