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Sick World....


How sick are people, what has the world come to? what has happened to us that parents murder their own children? and in such cruel ways. What has this world come to when mothers put their infants in the microwave??? not just one case, but two I heard of. one in 99 and one in 05 that I heard of this am on the news. WHAT THE f*ck IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!!!!! how could you bear a child only to be so cruel to it? I just dont get it. I really am a believer that people should need a license to have kids. mental evaluation and check ups every 6 months. thats why I say. people like this would not be allowed to own pets, so why children? what the hell has this world come to. It kills me to think that my child/children will grow up in a world so cruel. I seriously am going to consider home schooling for them when the time comes, either that or I would rather not have kids if this is what they will have to deal with. I cant even bear watching/listening to the news. someone tell me what is wrong with this picture.. the damn NEWS!!!!! And people wonder why I dont want to watch it. of course I want to know whats going on in the world but what the f*ck, theres some things in all honesty I dont want to know about, I wish I could be completely naive to the cruelty of this world. because what kind of existence is it that the mere act of watching the damn news breaks your heart every day.


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