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The Image Of A


The point in talking about one's children should be, because they are real people whom you couldn't imagine not having in your life...plus esp. they've been given to you.

I am learning, that when one's children seem particularly gifted in whatever area, I as the parent am almost as surprised and delighted as anyone. Not because I didn't think they had it in them...not because I unconsciously denigrate them, being children. But because what they have is the real deal. It beings up so many feelings and wonder - even fear - to see both in potentia and manifest, the hand of God having wired whatever it is into them.

I did nothing much to teach them, and no one else did, formally at least.

I wanto talk about A, the oldest daughter. But after the last entry it might be overkill.

So all I will say is, that A just had her older children's school concert. She had a unision duet, two verses with a classmate. This was on a real stage in a real theater and her director fancies largely live musicians.

But the image of A, 12 yrs old, and the way she held the mic,

The way she loved the song

The way she was so real

Closed her eyes

Sang it

Is the sweetest music

She belonged to herself. And it seemed to me, to her God and her people. Like she was integrating before my eyes!

That's what it was like. And I just love her so much. She gave me so much tonight.

I told you I am a fan!

No matter who they are [smiley=heartpump.gif]


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