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Full Sound


We were 4-piece tonight, first time. No guitars. Rather piano and Jared's "not B3" organ (he called it an A-something or other, "it's just like

a B3"). The B3 sat in a different corner of the studio, being a stand for the large mixer. There were two other pianos in the

room, one a baby grand I think. And Bill Evans' drummer's kit. (Lazz, it was Marty Morell's I finally found out).

The drums were so very bright (and so very loud). I put dish towels over them. At Tommy's, I covered

the very-ringing floor tom one day w/ the only thing available from their laundry room,

a pair of jeans. On MM's kit, it was too much muffle with towels, and not bearable for volume without.

Hmm, now I do have a word to say. If I didn't have to (my whole drumming life practically)

muffle the drums I'd be a lot better. I think about this, and often it seems to me I should just practice with

a wrinkled woven-fabric shirt, kinda folded and not smooth or taut at all, laid on top of carpet. THEN practice

surface would approximate actual drums.

It was a good night and I don't have much to say. Maybe "it" has all been spent for this evening, anyway.

I'm changing...things are getting settled and I am, too.

Never played modern music w/ no guitars, I don't think. I really like the sound. Certain pieces seem

made for double keys, boy when it's on, it's on. We were loud tonight. At Jared's, so lotsa gear and full sound

PA wise. Mike and I had full view of J. and many a delighted eyebrow raised between each other, hearing

that organ.

I loved the set up, I had full view of everyone!

The Leslie took my attention away and I fell apart a couple times. Or was it Mischke a-hollering? Mike's melodic runs?

Or was it the crash and stampede of playing full w/ great players?

Tolkien and Lewis wrote books in part because of an absence of good books. This seems to me a good reason

to write. Kinda feel like that w/ us four; if I had to wait til we're all growed up to be able to have this night,

and that sound, well some good 1st drafts went down.

I keep forgetting to mention that Mike's instruments are piano and guitar - not bass. Yet he's the bassist!

I'd never know bass is not his main deal (well I would actually, cause I know him).

We did my song again tonight...omg, it surely is a different and haunting piece now. I wanto say it sounds...

celestial...which is what the song is about. Me oh my I love it anew. Mike may've done things to his purpose,

as in the past I think he's favored my ballads. Sneaky ;) Man I'm glad!

We've taken at least one of Tommy's ballads, and from the first locked into something quite different - it's grand.

We'd been discussing one other of his tunes, and Mischke said I have it: Donna, you sing the verses and I'll

sing on choruses with you. Er um...are you sure? So that's one duet scrapped.

Jared did not have a mic. Why aren't you singing, pal? I asked. I don't sing, said he. O comeon you can't be serious.

Well I'll set up a litte mic at O'Gara's and stomp here and there.

I did get to see Aunt Mary (J's auntie), who is very special. She did not hold my hands tonight and come close to me,

but the dog was very cute and affectionate, and Aunt Mary gave me a spoon for my soup, and a banana. J's family homestead

is gorgeous, w/ land and gardens and a little bridge. The stars were out really cold and deep midnight bluesky (which it gets this

time of year by 6:00 pm).


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