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John Denver


What a nice reality check.

The memorial special I saw this eve had John Denver singing a song called This Old Guitar. He prefaced

by saying his guitar has been his closest companion; that as great as it'd been playing w/ an orchestra backing

him or "w/ a really hot band"...what he loved esp. was singing while playing that guitar.

The lyric spoke of how that guitar "taught me to sing" - just as I'm finding out first hand that the best way for me to sing

a song as in learning it, is to play the thing. (Which I did recently - guess what I learned? Superwoman by A. Keys.

That came outta nowhere!) I think it's also getting to a point where to enjoy singing, let

loose, or refine, is while playing. That has not been my experience so far in taking up this instrument, until last week-

end. Maybe...maybe that wonderful next horizon is coming, past the initial beginner's struggle plateau.

This old guitar (he sang) taught me to sing

To laugh, to cry

And made a sweet space

"For me and you to meet" (his audience)

And what a companion on a cold, lonely night!

The tune ended w/ his bright face and beautiful voice: "I love to sing my songs for you."

It wasn't schmaltzy. That guy (I think many would agree) was sincere.

I like love songs about music.

After the cares of the day, seeing John Denver's smiling face was lovely. Seeing him singing w/ others.

His sound was fine and rounded, not a thing missing playing solo, usually only strumming.

(Too cool - gig time very soon and looks like a couple of my cousins - the fox in her 50's and the medical beauty who

would check in on Dylan while he was so ill - shall be there) And P.S. Part of me is still remembering in a vivid way,

the sound of Tommy's piano and Jared's Leslie. I just don't know if I'll have the opp. past O'Gara's to be in among

that enthralling sound.


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