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Last Rehearsal, O'gara's / 5th Member


I have never kept track or written about rehearsals leading up to a gig, except for this one. I don't expect to in the future.


Last rehearsal was today at O'Gara's mixed in w/ sound check (which was rather complicated or extensive).

The drum riser on O'Gara's stage will remain unused - Mischke built a wall using huge pallets to go in front of it.

It's fun how he (and Jared!) are doing the stage. In the 1st case, Tommy has put wooden doors and boards round his keyboard. Stuff like

really old looking axe, tools are propped before it center front. In the 2nd case, Jared has an entire front of a real car 'round his B3. The cat

showed up @ dress rehearsal all in black w/ a beret. Tommy had a flourescent orange stocking cap on, the lumberjack look. Mike came in

looking like some aero-space engineer (I didn't know he wore spectacles - these great, black, horn rimmed glasses), well scrubbed and this

crisp walk, chewing gum.

I found out right away we now have a 5th member, and soon after met Joe Bier (sp) - yes, a guitarist. A very tasteful player!

We are set up in a line, next to Mischke of course center stage. It's so funny - we MUST be able to see Mischke; it's

like he's naughty so to keep an eye on him - but we know he cannot help it. Seriously, I've not had the mind-meld experience

of players including Tommy requiring eye contact, close proximity and other things harder to pin down or explain.

It felt good, playing full, hearing the mighty kick mic'ed and all. Jimmy the soundman took out a bit of carpet in the kick drum and to

my surprise it sounded very good without. The old bed linens or whatever's in there remain. I tuned my toms in an octave.

Remember Pete whom I bought one green guitar pick from about 18 months ago? Last week I got a drum key and 2 dozen picks from


Tangent of Path as a Writer

Oh - and I found something dear at the bottom of my cymbal case and the name excapes me, that's how long it's been. Pitch pipe

that's its name. I either pinched it w/out meaning to, or was given it by my conductor in college (playing timpani). One of those big sensory-

memory items.

At that time in life didn't have a clue as to why I was playing timpani, my heart was far away from drums but frustrated I'd little melodic training.

I remember a percussion teacher telling me it is logical that percussionists end up composing. Even conducting.

I did do a score for independent study, a long work with string section, horns, rhythym section. Fantastic experience - loved the artistic part of

writing the music by hand. This was in my keyboard days, where snippets and songs were exclusively written via keyboard. I'd tape to tape

layers and melodic lines. Those bizarre recordings have always been some of my fav. stuff, maybe for the potential I glean in them.

Had a nice detachment, it was as if I was critiquing someone else's work. Gave me a sense of maybe how Bob Byrnes my childhood angel

of a drum teacher fed off of perceiving raw potential. It's very exciting and mysterious. It is so personal in that even unformed dabblers,

if they are artists, can have something to say, something worth listening to. Something that gives back.

I forced myself to become a songwriter in that, I knew if I possessed drums I'd fall back on the familiar when the new ground

going got rough. So I sold my drums and bought a sequencer. It was the right way for me, and when it was time I bought drums



I tried to be actively grateful today after the contrast of how 2008 began and is ending, hit me, I'd have fallen on my knees if time and knees

permitted. Even hauling in gear, recalled the grumblings; this one time I wasn't into it but rather happy for the reason to be grumbling.

Stage sound was working alright, feeling alright. I do need earplugs. Dynamics were better today.

If you can believe it, I have a cameo tomorrow before the gig,

solo/guitar/singing at the Black Sheep. Not the best timing, but that's what it came down to thru circumstance. I'm not afraid. I don't know why.


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