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Come Holy Ghost


I stumbled into the choir loft in the midst of the Vidi Aquam; a bright teenage girl let me look on her music.

It'd been too long since last sang w/ em. Dr. K. was wearing black and directed us, sang and played organ all at once, mightily recovering from a few blunders.

I'd forgotten what a feat it is to keep track of all the music; today there were 5 books; you just keep up and flip around best you can. Introit propers for Pentecost - Bam! Kyrie from St. John Bapists Mass - Bam! Gradual ("recto tonal on the last verse!" Dr. K shouts without making any sounds) - Bam! Credo #4 - Bam! Juilatio something-or-other (uh, dunno this one yet) - Bam! Veni Spiritus sequence in chant... on it goes for about 90 minutes. By minute 80 I was feeling thoroughly warmed up.

The Gloria from the little M. of S. John Bapt. is fast...it's wonderful, you'd like it. Dr. K for a moment looked like the Lunatic Dreyfus, cause the organ "solos" are so very wide....deep deep notes, big big chords, wiff that rumbling bass (you hip hopsters' loud-bass-in-yo-cars IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE, OK?) They can do it acoustically, too - old plump Norweigan's, they kill it

I love Dr. K


I left and the 1st thing outta my mouth to an acquaintence was sadness over our oldest moving out. He understood completely. Saw someone flinging thee cutest bald baby on the way back and began crying cause my boy's leaving home.

I don't think I'm gonna be good at all with the empty nest thing.


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Hey Donna, every good parent feels like that. It gets easier. It also helps if they don’t move too far away. Eventually they all remember they’ve got a mum. Meanwhile stay active!

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