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(My 21st century version to playing along w/ records is playing to live recordings from Youtube).

Pleased to see I'm looking at things I haven't been comfy drumming. Everyone has them. It's

about 50% objectively hard and 50% simple things which've been difficult for me.

Been working w/ The Suburbs' Rattle My Bones. It's upbeat, driving, simple and deceptive to keep the

groove going. The beat has the tiniest of breaks from constant 8th notes on the high hat - in

the kind of "stop" I'd found impossible to do my whole drumming life until the past month or so.

The recording strikes my fancy to the point I'd love to do it live, with a band. Same key, an octave up,

I do think I could handle the chorus; and it's possible at least to sound alright an octave up. Tho going

that high'd require an 8va below. ~ I need a band ~

Rattle My Bones

2nd thing, I revisited the 777-9311 drum tutorial. The artist (benno) had put up notation on his myspace

page and I's licking my chops to print that out, but his scan didn't show up much at all (I'd the same issue

trying to scan/post my score of Storm after I found it).

So I scored the 4 measure beat. Difficult at first, but I think trying to listen to parts on records as a young

'un, or ditto w/ the tutorial is much more so. Work smarter not harder, yes? More bases covered, too, I

get to work on notation and reading besides learning the part in 2, perhaps 3 dif. ways.

The beat sounds better slowed down, interestingly.

It got too late to attempt drumming it. But in between legal name-changing duties and van shopping tomorrow

the 'sheet music' will be waiting for me and audio memory.

Oh - it was cool speaking w/ my friend Beth today, a viola player decades now. Made perfect sense to her, even with

hiatus to become a better player w/ age...believes whatever life experiences are responsible. I told her my

unease w/ things in this regard those months back. After our family hanging out with her whole family + that

conversation...further normalized things.


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