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Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightfull................


Is it me ?………………..Is it age ?……………….What is going on ?

There are strange forces around & strange things going on and I want answers NOW! I know it may appear to be an angry rant but it is more of a fear-filled ramble You see things are disappearing in my house firstly went my ears (my name for my hands free kit )

Then went the charger for my phone In addition, today I notice that the master recording of nobody makes me feel like you do has miraculously gone

There could be several explanations for this phenomenon

1. Could aliens have visited my home and taken what they think are curious objects?


2. Am I sleepwalking during the night and burying these items?


3. Is this a big dream and have I just imagined the last few years?Who knows


 Well it's that time again this time next week all the worry, stress will be gone Why is buying people presents such a stress filled activity?


Although I have to admit it was a stress free shopping experience for me this year, I think we put ourselves under so much pressure to please the people we care for that we lose sight of the most important thing

Just to love and care for our family and friends a better present you could not have.

Strangetouch are playing their last gig of 2009 at Maggie May's on boxing day and we hope to finish the year off with a bang To all who confirmed they will be there we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given us over the year

Tonight Neil and I will be attending Kincaid Lives Christmas jamboree and we are looking forward to it we hope to have some good photos to show you next week.


Its really difficult to chose a highlight for our year but if I had to for me it would have to be when Music news Scotland picked our debut EP as top 4 to listen to in November


We were delighted that others thought what we had created something worthy of listening to So for now its bye and be good

strangetouch10-1.jpg Thomas x


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