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Accounts And Finance


Today has been a day of invoicing and chatting to the accountant. I have one accountant that deals with everything for both Kayto Sound and Pop Up... makes life so easy dealing with one person. At the moment with the UK economy looking pretty sketchy we have felt a drop in demand for the music tuition company, this means that cash flow suffers a bit and its time to lock down the hatches and ride out the storm. So important to review every expense at this stage, I managed to save lots just by switching accountants and switching phone company... sure there is more I could find! lol Big VAT bill at the end of next month... bit of forward planning always helps to keep the pressure down to a minimum.

With the record production projects we tend to get paid in a 3 stage deal. A small percentage on the signing of contract, lump at the recording/production stage and then remainder on completion of rough mixes. This means that we have to use the cash flow wisely as there a periods when no cash comes in... and then all of a sudden it arrives! Its def. something that takes a bit of getting used too.

So I've been reading up on the Pro Control surface.... its a few years old now, but I've always wanted to have a blast on one, they are sort of iconic in the Pro Tools world of things... obviously now replaced by the Icon series. We have a C24 in the studio in Bristol, thats a great control surface, much nicer than the Control 24, in my view. The layout is a lot nicer and it really does cut down time with the access to all the advanced Pro Tools features.

Im off to see a friend that owns a studio here in Stockholm (Should mention that I am based in Stockholm, Sweden), he has a range of great vintage and classic mics which I am going to borrow for the weekend recording mission. Good old U87's, AKG 1000s, (Not too good on numbers n models,,, but u know what i mean!). I'm chatting to the studio engineer this afternoon to see what kit they have in house... then will fill in the missing bits.

Not such a creative day to day... Going to do some reading up on the HD rigs later, always good to go into a studio and know the rig you'll be using... I try and really do my homework, as you never know who ya gunna meet and where things might lead (Always open to business! haha). For this recording I will be doing a lot of the engineering, this isnt something I have done too much of over the last couple of years, but its always great once you get the session rolling. Love that feeling of having a plan... but letting the sessions develop... You can be sure that you'll end up in a slightly different place that you thought! lol

Laters. AndyC

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