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  1. My bad, I should have clarified further. I am talking about the dynamics of the composition (pianissimo to fortissimo) and how they can get lost as tracks are layered on top of each other over time. Though the output levels of the recording are flat, the timbre of most instruments change when played at different volumes and our ears sense the changes as louder or softer, even when the output levels are squashed to the same level. Like the difference between hearing a compressed scream and a whisper; we think the scream is much louder even when it is technically the same level.
  2. Here's a podcast from cdbaby that really dives into the process: http://cdbabypodcast...ube-and-beyond/ Paul Anthony from Rumblefish is the guest. http://rumblefish.com/ http://audiosocket.com/ is another service.
  3. Just to throw another thought in... Multi track recording is difficult when trying to create live energy because, well it's not live! Also when you think about close miking, direct inputs, and processing; it is a rather unnatural environment to be capturing a performance. Logic, GarageBand and multi track digital recorders are amazing tools and if you have Logic, you are set. I'd bet that one of the issues is within the non-tech process. Dynamics in Multi track recordings can be very difficult, especially when one track is being laid down at a time because if there is no lead to follow, then everything can come out real flat. The other thing, is that it's easy to forget the simplicity behind playing a single part and everything can get jumbled up. If there are too many layers of "fidgety busyness" then the arrangement falls apart. I was at a Hardware demonstration once and someone had loaded up the unprocessed original multitrack of "Superstition." What blew me away was not only stevie's talent, but the simplicity laid down on each track. Perfection through simplicity!
  4. Welcome to the forums qbradley :)

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