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  1. My 16-yo nephew was up visiting a couple weeks ago. He plays drums and he wants to learn keyboard. So the first thing I had him do was figure out the melody to "twinkle little star" in the key of C., and then.... the challenging part! ... figure out the correct chords to harmonize the melody with. This is really the best way to start playing the piano. Pick several simple tunes and figure it out by ear. If/when you get stuck, a little nudging from an experienced person.
  2. pitch training should be done in relation to tonality, not just random intervals and notes. and instead of perfect pitch, what you should stive for is good relative pitch, again in relation to a tonal center.
  3. The girls I knew had sad and sullen gray faces With distant gay traces That used to be there you could see where they'd been washed away By too many through the day... Twelve o'clock tales
  4. 1. learn the basic three tone chords in the key of C (there are seven of them) 2. start picking out the melodies to well known simple folk songs by ear, christmas tunes (when johnny comes marching home again, i wish you a merry christmas, etc.) 3. figure out by ear the correct chords to go to those songs. the "most logical sounding chords" to fit the melody 4. play along with recordings of simple pop tunes and try to imitate the keyboard part. styles of music that are heavy on accordion/piano include polkas, south american vallenatos and cumbias, and mexican mariachi music.
  5. Identify why you are losing rhythm. Is it because your mind is on other things - for example if you have lost your place in the song? Make sure you internal the song (chords, improvisation) so that you don't get lost. Then concentrate on rhythm. To improve your rhythm, you need to practice things that are somewhat more complex that you are used to. If you usually play a straight beat, then practice syncopation and swung-8th notes. If you are not familiar with more complex rhythms, then start learning salsa. Doing things that are more difficult will do wonders for your skills.
  6. Welcome to the forums mwtzzz :)

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