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  1. ^^^ Good pick, gotta love Rakim. Immortal Technique - Dance With the Devil
  2. Not sure if I'm doing this right but: Wingnut Dishwashers Union - My Idea of Fun
  3. Like Kel, I've found a lot of amazing musicians/songs from the soundclouds of members here. And Talib Kwali is an amazing artist but lately my hip hop phase has been more Cage, Jedi Mind Tricks, Aesop Rocks older stuff. Not top 40, socially concious to a point but still more of the gangsta rap by people who are well read. If that makes sense.. haha
  4. I was reading this article about the 7 Basic Rhyme Schemes I knew most of them but since I tend to stick to 4 bar choruses/hooks, I've been using AXAA with results I've liked more than some of the more common ones.
  5. This is a tough one but at the moment it's gotta go to Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains - As Free As the Rent We Don't Pay: "As the moonlight turn all of us to werewolves and sunrise is a gorgeous bed time the way, the light hits the cheap wine.."
  6. It all depends on the song I'm writing and what genre I'm going for. I feel that when I go out of my way to write a catchy, more traditional chorus, it sounds forced and cheesy a lot of times. With that said, when inspiration hits, I'll write 4-8 bars that I really like, make that the chorus and then have room to build around it with the verses/bridge/etc. I rarely pen my verses then go back and try to form a chorus that encompasses the general idea.
  7. 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? Yes What instruments? Guitar, vocals, Axiom 25, FL studio When did you start playing? On and off since I was 10 so, 13 years Did you teach yourself? My dad showed me a lot, he was a huge metal head in the late 80s, early 90s 2. Are you in a band or bands? Yes What is the name of the band? Solo acoustic - Anxious Optimist + 2 band/side projects What do you play? As AO I do everything. Play acoustic guitar in side project and trying to learn bass to start a band What other instruments are in the band? AO is mostly an acoustic guitar and vocals. When I have the money I'd like to add some other layers. Do you have a band website? No 3. Do you write songs? Yes Do you write lyrics, music or both? Both Do you have a writing partner? When not doing AO, it's all collabarative 4. Do you record your music? I did, waiting for my microphone to get sent back here Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use? Um not a studio. Just a laptop, a snowball mic, my guitar, and vocals.in AO, no recordings of side projects yet Do you use a recording studio? Never had the chance. Yet.. Do you have music available on the web? if so where? Not at the moment 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? I have produced hip hop beats and mastered/eq'd vocals and mixes Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other? No 6. Are you a tech head? Absolutely. 7. What country do you live in? US 8. What are your ambitions? To make music and one day own a big ass record/book store with a venue and bar in the basement, 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I doodle but have never been a great drawer. I enjoying writing songs, poems, short stories, etc. What are your pastimes? Music, Xbox, Herbal medication 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I would like to get perspective and insight on others creative process as well as improve my own songwriting.
  8. Welcome to the forums Anxious Optimist :)

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