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  1. There is supposed be the word "time" between "next" and "you" on in the beginning of the 6th line down the verse.
  2. Just one short verse. More of an "Odd Future" style of writing. Now look, people get the misconception that being cool provides you with car collection. But in reality Lexus is only a message that reminds us why we are less than the rest of. Them. I’m the last of the first and the leader of a cult who kills dreams with wedding rings and a diamond studded purse. (That hurts!) I like to say I’m invisible to emotion, but that’s funny because I also say I love you to my lotion. Zero honey dips, lips with a gorgeous lick. Stealing all your women, still faster than a whory bitch. The next you get abducted by aliens. Don’t worry its just me pretending to be Space Invader Zimmerman. I’ll be the one sewing your mouth shut. With the same needle Whitney Houston used to poke herself while jamming to the Beatles. (What?!) Yes believe me I don’t lie even about the time I took on Balboa’s housewife. I want to show it to the world that I can stand with the bigs. That I’m just a little more than a bitchy white kid.
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