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  1. I have never written an instrumental, though I did get close once and decide that it could be longer if I just repeated a certain part and added lyrics... you have to keep the listener's interest without the lyrics, so consequently the lead instrument part must be more than chords, and the instrumentation in general needs to be far more intricate. It would take a pretty long time to make all of that content... I think I'd get to maybe like one and a half minutes of the instrumental and then get bored and stop.
  2. I tend to improvise my lyrics as I play it. I improvise the melody as well, and make modifications if necessary. Sometimes I'll just be zoning out and kind of tired on a Saturday morning and suddenly go on Word and type four lines of lyrics, and then use that as the base for my entire song. I'm one of those songwriters that once I'm going at it, it's easy, but actually thinking of where to get started is harder.
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