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  1. Yeah you did! I mean your completely right, I normally just jot down what I sing in the shower and revise it when I get ideas or delete it if I lost hope in it. I really do appreciate the advice and I hope you might consider constructing any other pieces I post. Thank You
  2. Did you try to take my life? Have you ever considered, Anything other than misery Tried to stay away but you keep comin' back at me, Don't understand, Why not leave me to stand, On my own, for a change I'm going insane, Get outa' my brain, You clipped my wings, Even though I'd never flown, Glued me to you even though I never broke, Expecting the glass, but I never shattered, Even if it was a long time, You wanted forever, I can't give you forever, I'm not that cliché, I ain't one to change, And I won't break today! (Chorus) Back off, Whatcha' gotta says gonna have to wait! -Incomplete without further inspiration- Thanks for reading dears
  3. Don't let it take you over Again and again and again He was no savior no not in the end, not in the end Let it go, I know it hurts scorching flames The after burns I thought I'd never end on the ashen floor, With your silhouette through the broken door, Forever was our own cliché, and we learned things will never go our way, A lesson of truth, to all of you After the smoke, Be aware of the embers Because when its all over, Your gonna' remember, and its spreads, then your dead You were the flame and I was the ignition all we needed to clash was a little friction, And now look at us, there is no us -Incomplete-
  4. Welcome to the forums Sabrina Beatrice :)

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