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  1. From what you've written Reason may well be perfect for you then...it is a real joy to experiment with, flip the rack, build wacky combinators with multiple instruments and FX, use the CV routing to have crazy LFOs controlling everything, oh man. You'll have fun. All those songs were recorded in Reason. The guitars and bass in He Lies were recorded direct, although I think I ran the guitars through a my cheap Behringer amp modeler pedal. The drums are a mix of 3rd party samples and the Reason Drum Kits refill (great drums), played in an NNXT sampler. You might like this - here is the original demo version of He Lies (same song), made 100% with guitar and bass samples within Reason (NNXT patches). I think it's all that Tremolo Guitar patch. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1b98d6ka4b2axi/he%20lies%20mod%20vocal%20rough%20v1.mp3 Play around with REX loops - there are a ton of guitar and drum loops. For bass I use the NNXT Flat Bass (?) patch...run it through a Scream Tape Saturation, good stuff. Have fun!
  2. Hey John-- I still don't get it - you basically picked the one DAW that *doesn't* run all your go-to tools: Garritan, EZ Drummer, Dimension, Melodyne, Miroslav. Plus, unfortunately, one of Reason's weak spots is in the EZ-type auto-play type tools...it doesn't have any. Also amazing strings (the Orketer Sound bank is just OK). That said all DAWs do the same basic stuff, though, and you can make great music on any of them, and Reason is no exception. And in return for the Reason walled garden, you get an incredibly stable, solid program that is seamless and really easy and fun to use, especially if you're used to hardware. And it runs very efficiently, as you've already noticed. You will probably never crash it. Here are a few songs I've done in Reason - note that some of these use 3rd party Audio loops or sample libraies, but they were all programmed recorded and mixed in Reason: https://soundcloud.com/martinbfrancis2/something-must-be-killing-you2 (super raw demo in progress) https://soundcloud.com/martinbfrancis2/when-we-break-up-v3-short https://soundcloud.com/martinbfrancis2/swooner-he-lies
  3. Hey John-- I just joined the forum and am a heavy Reason user, happy to help. Question - why did you buy it? It's a great program, I love it, but 1) it's a little duplicative of all the other stuff you already have and 2) by using Rewire you're basically running two parallel DAWs, and are pulling Reason's audio into Samplitude. Not the simplest workflow of you're trying to simplify. You can use none of the other VST products you have within Reason itself, only Rewired via another DAW. (You can use your audio loops.) $400 is pretty standard for a new DAW FYI...you just bought the quirkiest, most walled-off one available! You can certainly do everything you want to do within Reason, it's not just for electronica. The Factory Sound Bank is really wonderful, and will likely have most of the sounds you need. The program is insanely intuitive (and fun!), tons of great devices, and the new mixer (from v6) sounds great. So again, why did you buy it? If you like Samplitude and your existing tools but want a huge bank of new sounds and devices, Rewire Reason into Samplitude. If you want a simple all-in-one closed environment with limited options (a good thing) so you can be productive, I would try working 100% in Reason for a while. See if you need to even use your old tools. Or...maybe sell your new Reason license and get Sonar (if PC) or Logic (if Mac). Hope this helps.
  4. Hello all - I write and produce and am actively looking for collaborators (especially lyricists). A playlist of stuff I've written or am working on is here. https://soundcloud.com/martinbfrancis2/sets/eugene-piano-project Nice to meet you all! Martin
  5. Welcome to the forums mbfrancis :)

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