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    Beginner songwriter, Beginner Recorder.. im just your general rookie :]
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    I love music! Im influenced from everything.. I wanna write everything! People tell me I should focus on one genre. But its too much fn playing them all!

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  1. hahaha guys!! Trust me Im not going anywhere Iv never got such in depth feedback from anywhere else! And from such lovely people! I just wanted to rouse around and see what else is out there so I know Ill stick to here haha just kidding. But seriously thankyou for all your answers! And I did google it! But nothing really came up I goggled original music forums and musician forums but I dont think theres really that much out there..
  2. Hey guys.. So Iv pretty much made this forum my go to page for all things creativity and just general chit chat. But I was just wondering if you guys have other similar forums like this one that you post your stuff too aswell. And Im not leaving trust me I think this might be the best forum Iv ever been on but I was just wondering if you know of anymore where I can post some songs.. just to get some more feedback and such.. Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  3. Thankyou all so much for the responses! these recommendations should help me in my endeavours to finding suitable mixing cans..! I wil defnitally check these out see if i can find some cheapies on ebay.. and thankyou for the kind words hobosage! I LOVE THIS PLACE!
  4. Hey Guys! Im looking to buy some headphones that i dont know get the soud as closest to what I want on on all speakers/headphones.. Currently I do all my mixing through urban ears and then I use like ipod headphones and it sounds different, and then I play it through my car speakers and it sounds different then i go over to my mates house and listen to it throgh his speakers and it sounds different. I dont really know what im looking for at all and I cant get any speakers coz my roomates wouldnt appreciate that very much.. Im just lookin for some relativly cheap headphones that will give me the closest sound that im looking for lol. Any ideas? Cheers for any responses guys!
  5. Hey Guys.. So I was just wondering which media website do you use to put your tracks up on and why? I was over at bandcamp and saw that you can charge people to download your tracks? Which is awesome but does that mean your tracks have to be top notch? I was over at soundclick and saw that they have charts for different genres, does that mean you need a professional sounding track? Which medium do you use, and why? I only ask this coz obviously I'd like to post my sounds to all of the sites but I don't think I'm good enough? They all seem like more like professional music websites compared to soundcloud where you can just upload any ol' sound. So yeah! Just wondering what your thoughts are on all these websites Cheers!
  6. haha yeah i always feel guilty about not changing strings but i just couldnt be botheerreedddddd lol
  7. I change my strings if they break if they song dull or if i have a serious recording project i rlly wanna nail!
  8. Welcome to the forums ToastedAndButter :)

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