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  1. Thanks for all the responses! Just so you know, I never responded to this, since you all confirmed what I suspected, just a way to relieve me of $350. I have paid for memberships to services like TAXI and Broadjam, so I didn't think it was completely off base, although TAXI and Broadjam never contacted me directly, LOL.
  2. It's a licensing offer - they claim to have placed lots of music with high profile projects, but I dunno - I've had two other licensing offers and they never asked for any money up front. So probably a scam or semi-scam.
  3. Thanks for your responses - the company is songandfilm.com. They have a nice website and I didn't find any negative references in web searches. I suppose it could be someone hijacking a legit company's info as well. The e-mail also has a phone number to call - which is a little unusual for scam, I think.
  4. I recently received an e-mail from a licensing company regarding one of my songs - I assume they found it on Broadjam or on my website. They are asking for a $350 signup fee to work with them. Is this legit? They say the fee is necessary because they don't take any of the publishing.
  5. Welcome to the forums LumpyTrousers :)

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