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  1. man, where have you been ? i dont see you around anymore ?

  2. Jules

    My internet's been down for the past eight months or so. I just got it working today. I'll be back on regularly :D

  3. john

    Have you gone into hiding? :P

    About time you got this profile page sorted too :)

  4. Both. I invisioned a tune in my head, I wrote the lyrics down in the melody, but now it's the music that I hear in my head for the lyrics that I can't turn into reality.
  5. Hey, Thanks for the advice, guys. In response to roxhythe, I am the same as you in terms of it all coming from that mysterious place. I can hear the music in my head, I just can't seem to duplicate it in real life, that's the trouble. I got a bass line though, so that's a start.
  6. Hey, I've gotten myself into a bit of nasty predicament. Normally I write the music first, and then add lyrics in later. But the other day I was sitting at my computer and a song just flowed out. It has a great (in my opinion) melody and I really want to keep it, but it's been three days of sitting fiddling with my guitar/bass/drums and I can't think of anything. It's horrible! Nothing seems to work! I imagine it with an orchestra, but even that has musical notes, right? It's really driving me mad. I've tried just drums, drums and bass, just bass, just guitar, guitar and bass, just vocals! Nothing works. Any tips on overcoming something like this?
  7. Jules


    Really? An Oasis gig was the first place I ever got pissed Great night that.
  8. Right, I changed F#m11 simply to F. Now I just need to tighten up the bass line I think.
  9. Hey, Thanks for the reply. What note did you change it too? Any advice would be great. I don't know about Powertab Editor, me and the guitarist for my band just play with each other. (He strums the chords btw) and I thought it sounded alright. Well, at the very least nothing seemed to clash. Also, personally I don't feel that Powertab Editor really works the way it should. I play a lot of stuff in real life that doesn't sound good in there. Even already existing songs with flawless bass/guitar notes sound weird. Any advice on that first note? Thanks.
  10. I usually use "~" to mean hold the note, rather than vibrato. I use a "v" for vibrato e.g. 5v Guess each to his own.
  11. Hey, Each line obviously represents a string. So the 1st line is the first string etc. So for this song you would go to the third string and go down to the seventh fret on that string. That's the first note, then you go would go up two frets to the 9, etc. etc.
  12. Alright here's a question. Right, say I've written a verse. It has the following four chords, played in 1/2 time./ F#m11 E F# G# Now say that plays along, and the bass is playing this: (please don't steal my bass line! - I only wrote it today) 1--------------------|-----------------------|--------------------|-------------------------- 2------------3--2---|----9--11--9----------|-----------3--2----|---------------------------- 3-----3--5----------|---------------11--9---|---3--5------------|------2--3--0------------- 4--------------------|------------------------|--------------------|--3---------------------- So you got four chords and four bars of bass music. I think it sound acceptable - is there something wrong with it? I don't see how the bass line relates to the guitar at all. In fact, they were written with each other only vaguely in mind. This is what I don't understand. I think it sounds alright, but from a technical standpoint, is there something wrong here?
  13. Jules


    It's strange, I don't like any screaming at all, especially bands like Linkin Park etc. I find it unneccessary - but I do like it in Nirvana. But that's because I felt like Kurt was screaming for a reason. It just seemed to mean more to the song. Other times I hear bands screaming their lungs out for no apparent reason. The line could be "I Love You" and these bands would still roar: "I Love Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So sometimes, yeah - if it's pulled off well.
  14. Jules


    Hey neoism, Don't want to butt in, but I can understand why all this may be confusing. Being very limited in my musical vocabulary, in the easiest terms I would tell you, The bass plays the same notes as a guitar, except tuned lower. It provides that "dum-dum-dum-dum" sound in songs, and generally adds to the rhythm in the song. You know when you stand outside a club and you can hear that distant "durn-durn-durn-durn-durn" sound? That's the bass. Ever heard Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust?" Well that main line is all bass. I'm sure after listening to that, you'll know what we're on about. And sorry to Nightwolf and that - but if I wasn't familiar to bass that's how I would describe it to me. lol. I guess it's cause I've only been playing for a year, I can still relate to that feeling of "huh?"
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